Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas with Family

For our last Christmas as just husband & wife before we enter the world of parenthood we decided to host Christmas at our house.  Ryan's parents, siblings and my mom were all able to make it.  We tried to keep it pretty low key as my energy level seems to be dwindling lately.  Our moms came in town Friday in time for our 4D ultrasound the next morning.  I'll be posting those pictures soon!  Then we just had a pretty mellow weekend and grocery shopped for Christmas dinner.  Ryan's dad & little sister, Sally, came down on Sunday, and his older sister, Emily, & husband, Sean, came Monday morning.

Ryan & his mom, Susan

We celebrated early on Christmas Eve with a late lunch/early dinner.  Sean & Emily had to leave on Christmas morning to travel to Sean's family celebration.  Ryan made a fabulous beef brisket and everybody helped to make the sides (scalloped potatoes, corn casserole, green beans, oriental salad and bread).

Afterwards we opened up all our Christmas gifts.  We usually play secret santa and I had my mom this time around.  This year was a little different though.  Emily was in charge of it and had rigged it so that everybody had my as their secret santa so they could get gifts for Maggie.  Everybody was in on it, and I was completely shocked!  What a stinker! :)  I had no clue.

Can you tell how excited Susan was over the fur that Harlan got her?  It looks gorgeous on her!

Susan had the metal print from the newspaper company framed of the time he made front page for being on the Jay Leno show.

Sean opening up his gifts from his in-laws.

Harlan checking out his new pair of boots from his wife.

Emily about to open her gifts.

Sally looking ornery.

My mom displaying her gifts she got from my Godmother, Pat.

Sally thought it would be funny to regift Ryan with these glasses she took from him years ago.  They are creepy!

We had such a wonderful Christmas with our family even if I was less energetic then normal.  But we can't wait to celebrate next year with a our little miracle.  It's going to be so different.

Friday, December 28, 2012

First Baby Shower

Two weeks later and I'm finally posting about my first baby shower in Kansas City.  I was waiting on some pictures from friends but decided to go ahead & post what I had.  I mainly just have photos of the decorations and not of the people there but if I get those later I'll post more.

My best friend, Kara, and her mom, Vicky, were the two main hosts of the shower.  We ended up having the shower a littler earlier on in my pregnancy because Kara is pregnant herself and due January 1st.  See her shower here.  She really wanted to throw me a shower but wasn't sure she would be up to it after the baby came so we decided that Dec. 15th would work the best.  Vicky was so sweet to host the party at her gorgeous home, and she did most of the decorations & food too!!  When I first saw everything I literally teared up because they completely out did themselves.  I was honestly blown away.  THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!

(photo: Kara Kersten)
I loved everything about the decorations.  They went with a pink and grey themed shower (colors that I plan to use in our nursery).  And I loved how they displayed my shower invitation in a frame too.

Vicky made this banner all by hand and I just fell in love with it!

Seriously check out this table setup!  I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the flower when I saw it.

Here are a few closer shots of the table.

I think I inhaled most of this food...

I really loved the squared pink candle sticks.

(photo: Kara Kersten)
Pictures from the back of the table.  How cute is that Owl?  It's from Pier 1.
(photo: Kara Kersten)
These gorgeous cupcakes were made by my very talented friend Kristen.

(photo: Kara Kersten)
Don't these look professional?  I think she should open a side business.

(photo: Kara Kersten)
Vicky found these delicious mini chocolate bowls and made strawberry mousse from scratch to fill them with.

(photo: Kara Kersten)
So many sweet treats!  I was a very happy lady.  :)

They even had sparkling grape juice for the preggos and champagne for the rest of the girls.

I had seen fingerprint trees on pinterest and really wanted to do that for my showers.  So I found this free printable here and had it printed large enough that I could use it for all my showers.  I ordered the ink from here in the colors I'm using for the nursery so that I can hang this on Maggie's wall.  Then I had everyone write their name next to their fingerprint.  I think this will be so sweet to look back on to see everyone that came to celebrate Maggie.  Kara wrote Maggie's name on the bottom of the print in her sweet artsy handwriting.  (I still need to cut the print to size.)

My good friend, Megan, was in charge of the games.  She had a separate advice card for Ryan & one for me for everyone to fill out.  Ryan & I loved reading through them all and will be fun to continue to look through them over time.  Then we all played the game where you have to guess what baby names belong to what celebrities.

(photo: Kara Kersten)
Wendy, Jessica (due three weeks before me w/ a baby boy) & Melissa

(photo: Kara Kersten)
Megan (the back of her), Lindsey, Erica, Melinda, Terri & Vicky (in the background)
I tried to add what pictures I did have of people. 
My mom & I

Vicky, Kara, (the hostesses) Me & Mary 

Mom & baby Caden (I didn't think she was going to give him back.)
My sweet friend, Emily, just had her baby on Thanksgiving day just a few weeks before.  And I couldn't believe she made it out for my shower!! I was so excited to see her and meet Caden.  See her baby shower here.

Of course I didn't get a picture of Emily but Caden sort of stole the show.  :)

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends that truly showered Ryan & I with so much love and gifts for Maggie.  I can't say thank you enough!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Christmas Decor

I thought I'd better post our Christmas decor before it got too much past the actual holiday.  I pretty much did the same old same old but in a different house.  Next year I plan to take the time to be a little bit more creative and really use Pinterest!  Especially because it will be Maggie's first Christmas. :)  I may have to hold myself back.
The funny thing about our Christmas tree this year is this is actually our second one!  I have to tell you this story.  While I was traveling for work Ryan decided he would surprise me and go pick out the Christmas tree so that when I got home it would be ready to decorate.  Well, after I got home he kept saying that the tree was so dry and was constantly dropping needles already.  So I held off decorating it because Ryan wanted to return the tree to get a fresh one.  Then one night while I was sitting on the couch the whole dang tree fell over and into our hallway (thank goodness it didn't knock anything over!) and poured tree water all over our new hardwood floors!!  Come to find out, Ryan didn't realized that the tree trunk wasn't all the way down into the base of the holder!  So that was the end of that tree and we had quite a mess to clean up.  I almost gave up on live trees altogether this year after all of that happened.  So far so good on the second tree!

Next year our mantel will have to change a little bit because we'll be adding a new stocking.  I guess I will need new stocking holders as well.  :)

Ryan & I also finally hung up our mirror over the mantel.  Eventually I want to change out the candle sticks with some nice green topiaries.

Doesn't Yogi look like a little Christmas kitty in this picture?  He's definitely claimed that chair for himself.  Ryan loses that battle a lot. :)

I always try to dress up the outside doors in our house.

I just put little Christmas trinkets around our entertainment system.  As we get folded Christmas cards I stick them in around the shelves.  There have been a lot more cards added to this since I took this picture.

The entryway that is home to our nativity scene.

We've been adding to the nativity almost every year and this year I finally decided to just go ahead and complete it.  I love it so much!

We finally hung up the gorgeous mirror I got at Zgallarie awhile back, and I think it really makes the space complete.

Wider shot of the entryway.  Now I just have to figure out what to put on the table once all the Christmas decor is gone.

And finally our outdoor Christmas lights that I absolutely love!  Ryan hung these while I was out of town as another surprise to me.  I think he was really regretting the decision midway through.  But he did such a great job!  Next year I really want to hang wreaths over the outside light sconces.

If you want to check out what we did the last two years at our old house click here and here.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bump Watch :: 28 Weeks

Merry Christmas!
In my Christmas pajama pants but you can't really tell in this picture.

How far along: 28 weeks

Size of Baby: 15 in & 2.25 lb

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Chinese cabbage (If you don't know what that is like I didn't click here.)
Total weight gain: 17 pounds 

Sleep: Definitely a lot better since I started taking Maalox before I fall asleep. My night time staples are that and tums.  With those I'm able to get a pretty normal nights sleep!

Movement: Maggie's actually a pretty mellow baby.  She really doesn't kick/punch that much and it's usually pretty light, just enough to let me know she's there!  I'll feel my bellow get really tight in certain areas some times.  I'm guessing that's some part of her pushing out but still not sure what it is!  She does bounce my belly a lot so Ryan can just watch her kick instead of having his hand on my belly.

Unglamorous body changes: Still just mainly heartburn but I think I'm getting that under control.  Other then that I really can't complain!  So far so good.  :)

Showing: My belly button is starting to get pretty flat.  I think I have a few more weeks before it's completely level with my stomach.

Food cravings: I really wanted some peanut butter blossom cookies for awhile, and I finally made them for Christmas.  Mmmm so good!  I also can't eat Chinese food anymore.  Blah!

What I miss: Not being so emotional all the time!  I think Ryan would say the same thing. Ha!

Milestones: She's starting to develop more fat, so her wrinkly skin will start to get smoother.  Her lungs are mature enough that she'd probably survive if she was born now. Wow!  (

Best moment this week: Everything checked out at the doctors appointment.  I forgot to mention that I had my glucose test last month and I past!  It really wasn't all that bad.  I did have to have a Rhogam shot because my blood is RH negative and Ryan is RH positive.  That HURT!  So glad that's over with.  Click here to learn more about why I had to have the shot.  I also had a 3D ultrasound that I'll post the pictures of soon!  She's so cute and totally looks like her daddy.

Looking forward to: Spending Christmas with the family.  They are all coming to Oklahoma and having them all  at our house.  This will be our last Christmas before little Maggie rocks our world.  :)  It's so surreal to think that we will have a 9 month old this time next year.  I can't wait!

We're almost ready for you little Maggie!