Thursday, November 1, 2012


I just had to pop in today to share something Ryan said last night that just cracked me up.  He is always saying something hilarious, and I need to do a better job of documenting them.  So I may post a few "Ryanism's" from time to time.  :)

Me: (Just got home from fighting the crazy crowds a Walmart to grab our last minute Halloween candy.)

Ryan: OH MY GOSH!  How much candy did you buy?!?!  (Proceeds to give me the hardest time ever for buying way too much candy.)

Me: What??  It's just 5 bags.  I feel like there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood.  I like to be prepared.

Ryan: We are going to have a ton left over!   I guess we'll be bringing this to work.

Later on that night....  The door bell rings and a mass of kids were at our front door.  After giving them candy Ryan looks out at the street to see droves of kids everywhere.

Ryan:  (Looks down at our candy bowl)  IS THIS ALL YOU GOT?!?!

Me:  omg...

Even later that night... all the candy was gone.


  1. Ha! That is SO something Jeremy would say. Silly boys. =)
    I love the idea of you posting "Ryan-isms" though!

  2. W does that too me almost every year too :) although this year I had left over candy so now I must find a baking recipe to use it all up in :)

  3. That sounds about right. I ran out too!I thought surely someone would have brought leftover candy to work, but NO. It's been a candy dessert here today.


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