Friday, October 26, 2012

Pre-Birthday Vegas Trip!

I'm posting this trip a little out of order.  I still need to tell you all about my work trip to San Francisco.  I literally got back from that trip on Wednesday night, worked a half day on Thursday, and then flew out on Friday for Vegas!  All of this was going on while we were dealing with the KC situation.  Talk about stressful!

Luckily, our trip to Vegas was shared with some good friends to celebrate Ryan & Brad turning the big 3-0!
It was a quick trip from Friday to Sunday but we packed in a whole lot of fun (even for this pregnant chick).  We were a little late in booking our hotel so the only some what reasonably priced hotel was the Trump Tower.  It was super nice but a little inconvenient as it wasn't right on the strip.  Thankfully they had shuttle buses to drive us to and from.
Can't complain about this room!

Our view out the hotel window (that's why it isn't the greatest picture).

A little kitchenette

TV & Closets

LOVED this bathroom!  Notice the TV in the mirror and the toilet was even enclosed by glass.

Too bad I didn't have time to enjoy this tub...

We got in Friday afternoon and had time to check in before we needed to grab some food.  After walking around a bit, we settled on TAO in the Venetian.  Great atmosphere and delicious food!  Afterwards, we headed out to grab tickets to a show that night.  We wanted to see "O" but that sells out pretty far in advance, and we didn't plan that well.  So Beatles Love Cirque Du Soeil at the Mirage was our second choice.  Our only mistake was not realizing that the time difference was going to effect us so much.  The show started at 9:30pm which was 11:30pm our time.  Needless to say, it was a wonderful show but we were all struggling to stay alert through the whole thing.  I will need to remember not to see a late show the day we get into Vegas!
The next day we all slept in, spent time by the pool, enjoyed a buffet at Caesars Palace, and then hit the streets to explore.  I kept seeing the Sugar Factory everywhere and decided I just had to stop in. ;)  I actually didn't get any candy (because I was always full) but my friend Cynthia spotted a shirt for me.  It said Just Add Sugar!!  How fun is that??  So of course I had to snag it.  I don't have a picture of it yet but I may instagram one when I end up wearing it.

Lindsey & I
I have to say that the Bellagio fountains are my favorite.

You can see the water droplets all over this pic!

I love checking out the seasonal gardens inside.

But it's always so crowded!

Brad & Lindsey

Lindsey, Cynthia & Me (I wasn't wearing heals so I look way short!)
The girls!

Ryan, Me, Brad, Lindsey, Brandon & Cynthia
The only group picture we got was on our last day.

I had to get this on record.  I think this was the only time Cynthia gambled the whole trip when she found her favorite slot machine. Ha!

Since Brad had never been to Vegas we were trying to hit up all the famous spots for him, like the Flamingos!  We actually had a nice outdoor lunch here as well.

They are so awkward they're cute!  Almost cute enough to put a plastic one in my front yard... or not.

Over all, the trip was a blast even for a 19 week pregnant woman.  Granted we planned this trip before I knew I was pregnant, but I still managed to join in on all the fun.  The main downside was trying to stay clear off the smokey casinos.  During the day it wasn't so bad.  I definitely got in my walking exercise!

P.S.  So excited to tell the family this weekend what we're having!  Stay tuned for the big news!


  1. You are looking so cute with your belly. Love these pics! It's on my wish list to go to Vegas for a long weekend in 2013. Hopefully we can make it happen!

  2. I love Vegas... and I'm sure I'd love it even more being preggo and getting to eat at those buffets- Haha! You are so cute and I'm glad y'all had a fun trip celebrating!


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