Monday, October 22, 2012

Bump Watch :: 19 Weeks

**I've had a pretty crazy week including some really great stuff and some pretty awful things that happened.  I've been a little stressed to say the least.  I'll fill you guys in shortly.  Just still trying to recover from this past week.  Everything is fine with the baby!**

Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel

How far along: 19 weeks

Size of Baby: 6 in & 8.5 oz

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Heirloom Tomato

Total weight gain: 2 pounds (I lost weight this week. I think it was due to stress and lots of traveling.)

Sleep: Still pretty good.  I'm starting to get a little sore if I'm in the same position for too long, especially in my hips.

Movement: Our little peanut is kicking away.  I've started to feel it more consistently.  Though the movement is still not that strong so Ryan still hasn't felt anything yet.

Unglamorous body changes: I can't think of anything this week!  So thankful for a relatively smooth pregnancy.

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I'd say I'm pretty much wearing mostly maternity now.  I still wear non maternity if the shirts are longer.

Showing: I seem really big in this picture!!  I think it's maybe the shirt I'm wearing or that I was on vacation and had downed a lot of food that day. Ha!  I don't think I'm that big yet but it does look like I've popped a bit more.

Food cravings: I have ordered steak a few times this past week which I hardly ever do!  So I guess this week it's been beef!

What I miss: I miss not worrying about how much caffeine I've had in a day.

Strange experiences: Nothing too strange happening over here.  I need to try and come up with something better next week!

Milestones: The baby is developing a protective coating over it's skin, called vernix caseosa, and working on it's five senses. Nerve cells for sense of taste, hearing, sight and smell are developing in the baby's brain.  (per

Best moment this week: Going on two fun trips in one week!  One was a work trip to San Francisco and the second was a friends trip to Las Vegas.  I will definitely be posting all the details soon.  It was fun feeling like I got to bring my baby with me too.  First time it's traveled! :)

Looking forward to: Finding out what we are having tomorrow!!  Then being able to announce to our friends and family this weekend.  I'm just praying that our ultrasound shows a healthy baby more then anything.

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  1. Yay! You look adorable :) can't wait to hear what you are having!!!


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