Thursday, September 13, 2012

Telling Family & Friends

Sorry all my posts lately have been about babies, but it's just the most major thing going on in my life right now.  I promise there will be other things I blog about too.  :)

I'm finally getting around to sharing how Ryan & I blabbed the big news to our loved ones.  First we had to brain storms some ideas and then both agree on something.  This was what we did for my mom.

The weekend that we told her we happened to be celebrating her birthday as well.  So we had several presents for her to open that night.  I had ordered a onesie that said "I love my Nana" on it because that is what she will be called by our kids.  It didn't come in until the day we were leaving town so I didn't have a chance to wrap it before giving it to my mom.  That's why you see her struggle to open the package it arrived in.  Ooops!
I think she was pretty excited.  :)  She's keeping the onesie for now so she can be reminded of the joy that is coming this spring.  My mom also used it to tell her coworkers that I was pregnant (totally stole my idea :) ).  Oh and I've gotten this question a few times.  No, we don't know what we are having yet but this onesie only came in pink or blue, and I felt like the color blue is more easily worn by both sexes.  Ha!

Then we had to wait another week to tell Ryan's family because we wanted to do it in person.  The whole gang was coming to visit us in Bartlesville to see our new digs so that was the perfect time.  We decided to do the onesie thing for them but it was harder to figure out how to give them a gift since it wasn't their birthday's.  Then we came up with an idea to give them "Welcome to the 'Ville" gifts.  So they thought they were getting little mementos from Bartlesville (which they kind of were!).

You can't see the onesies very well in this video but Harlan & Susan's says "I love my Grandparents", Emily's says "I love my Aunt & Uncle"  (Sean couldn't make it that weekend) and Sally's said "I love my Aunt Sally".  We definitely had a good cry in celebration of this little one.  I love everybody's faces in this video.  I replayed it like a million times!
Also, for both of these videos, to not seem suspicious, I faked like I was taking pictures so they had no clue I was video taking!

Then we had to wait what seemed like forever before our Dr. said we were in the clear and would be ok to announce to the rest of our family & friends.  I knew my in-laws would come up with something creative to do with the sonogram pictures to tell the rest of the family via email.  Here's what they came up with and I love it!  Wendell & Georgia May were Ryan's grandparents on his dad's side.
As for how we told our friends, a few of them we shared the news over the phone because we knew we weren't going to see them in person for awhile.  We were able to tell Matt & Kara the weekend they came to visit us and they also had a surprise for us.  They had just found out they were having a girl!!  Then we were able to tell our friends, Brad & Lindsey, when we went to visit them a the Lake of the Ozarks one weekend.  The rest of our friends we just sent out an email and attached the sonogram pictures with the announcement.

It has been such a blast this time around being able to actually share some good news!  I've been looking forward to days like this for so long and it's still so crazy to me that we are actually here.  Praise God!


  1. Oh I love these videos! I especially love watching how proud and excited Ryan is in the background as you tell your mom. It is so fun sharing the news with family and how special that you got it on video to remember forever. Well done, friend!

  2. I'm just catching up on your wonderful news.....Congrats!!!! I'm so very happy for you 😄 You look so cute in your bump pics- skinny Minnie! Enjoy this precious time!

  3. You said at the top that you'll blog about other things, but you WON'T! And that's ok! Love your videos! Hugs to you all! Keep us updated!


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