Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bump Watch :: Week 14

Sorry this took me a little longer to post.  I normally want to try and get these posts up by Monday.  Our cabinets are finally getting painted this week.  But since it's oil based and has a really strong odor, Ryan & I are staying with some friends this week so it's kind of got me off schedule.  Looking forward to picking out new hardware this weekend and then finally posting after pictures!

Thank you for everybody's ideas on how to take these bump pictures.  I think I'm going to try from now on to post weekly updates and wear the same gray shirt so you can really see the change.  I think starting next week I will just stand next to a blank wall so there aren't as many distractions in the picture.  Any other thoughts??

How far along: 14 weeks

Size of Baby: 3.4 in & 1.5 oz

Fruit/vegetable comparison: Lemon

Total weight gain: 0 (back to my prebaby weight)

Sleep: Is still a little rough but getting better now that I have a body pillow!

Movement: Not yet!

Unglamorous body changes: Heart burn.  I am getting it almost every night now.  It's not too too bad that Tums can't take care of it, but my doctor said I can start taking a liquid antacid if it gets worse.  But, I'm getting my energy and appetite back!!

Maternity Clothes? Definitely have been rocking maternity pants especially for work.  I wear some maternity shirts but more just for fun.  I'm really not to the point where I need to where the shirts yet.

Showing: I think so but other people may not be able to tell yet.  They may just think I had one too many burritos.  :)

Food cravings: Still no cravings much to my husband's dismay.  (I never know what I want to eat.)  But I have been wanting a glass of milk every night and the other day I did send Ryan on his first "the baby wants this" trip to go get me blow pops of all things!  I am hungry all the time now which is not always the most fun feeling.

What I miss: Still missing Dr. Pepper and I've been wanting to take up running again but I know this is not the best time to be starting that.  Ha!  But this gorgeous weather has caused the running itch again.

Strange experiences: I can't think of anything strange happening these past two weeks.  I need to be better at writing something down so I don't forget.  I feel like I already have pregnancy brain!!

Milestones: The baby can now suck it's thumb, the kidneys are making urine and can now urinate, & it's growing lanugo, a thin, peach-fuzz-like hair, all over it's body which helps keep the baby warm!

Best moment this week: Lots of fun moments these past two weeks.  My friend, Michelle, had her baby and was so sweet to lend me her Doppler so that we can now listen to the baby's heartbeat whenever we want!  I think it's really helped Ryan feel connected to this baby and eased my nerves a bit.  We are now officially in the second trimester! Woo Hoo!

Looking forward to: Feeling the baby move and finding out what we are having in October so I quit calling it "it"!


  1. How fun that you have a doppler and can check in on the little one whenever you want! I bet that's nice to have until you start feeling the baby move as reassurance. You are so stinkin cute!! I hope the heartburn doesn't get worse - I ended up having to sleep propped up with pillows almost sitting up, but that wasn't until towards the end of my pregnancy.

  2. You are so cute! I definitely don't miss the heartburn but both my babies had tons of hair from it so there is benefits to it ;)
    Also I have the same body pillow loved it seriously makes sleeping so much better!

  3. You are the cutest little preggo! My sisters both rented doppler machines when they were pregnant and would just sit there for hours listening to the heartbeat. I bet you are going to have fun with it. =)

  4. Hey Lindsey! I found your blog :-) and just wanted to say that Jeff and I are SO excited for you guys! Our baby girl is set to arrive in about 5 weeks. I'm not making a prediction, but milk and sweets were my first cravings also. I also had a first trimester aversion to meat.

    We're keeping you in our prayers.

    xoxo, Darby and Jeff


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