Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Background Story

Thank you guys so much for all the sweet well wishes and congratulations!  We could not be more excited and are hoping the next 6 months fly by.  :)

I thought I would give a little background on what has been going on since I haven't really updated much on our fertility journey.  I'm trying to remember where I left off.  I think the last thing I really talked about was the surgery I had in November to complete our miscarriage.  After that it continued to be an emotional roller coaster.  I thought that after the surgery we would just get pregnant right away but unfortunately it didn't work like that.  I was no longer able to have periods on my own due to irregular cycles.

Thus began our journey on Clomid.  I actually didn't have a hard time on it other then I probably was a little more emotional (per the husband).  But you are also emotional because you just want to be pregnant too!  My Dr. started me off on 50mg but that didn't cause me ovulate.  After trying the 100mg on the second cycle that seemed to do the trick.  However, I was not ovulating until after day 20 in my cycle (it should be more around day 14).  That was frustrating because I felt like my cycles were that much longer which meant less times to try each year.  I ended up being on 5 rounds of Clomid before we got pregnant. 

The last round I took was right when we were moving to Oklahoma, and I knew it would be my last shot with this doctor before I had to start the whole process over again with a new doctor.  However, that was probably the most stressful month of my life!!  We moved to OK, bought a house, closed on our house in KC, moved into our new house, started new jobs and had to go back to KC for a week to train my replacement.  I actually thought there was no way possible that I could get pregnant that month especially because I was away from Ryan for an entire week for training.  Needless to say God is full of miracles.

I had made an appointment six weeks out with a new doctor to get established and talk about other fertility options because at the time I didn't think Clomid was working for us.  When that appointment finally rolled around I realized that morning that I was due to start my period that day.  Being the fertility crazy person that I was, I always took a pregnancy test every month on that day.  Even though I was 100% sure we had missed our chance that month I still took the test.  Low and be hold I was in complete shock when I saw this...

I kept saying "where's the NOT pregnant"???  I think I stared at that for a solid minute while I finally processed what it was telling me.  I immediately starting crying and wanted to show Ryan but he had already left for work.  I knew our fertility appointment was at 9 that morning so I had to somehow tell him before that!  Luckily we work at the same place so once I got to work I called him to come outside and meet me at the car.  This is kind of mean, but I acted like something was wrong to throw him off since I never call him to meet me somewhere like that.  When I saw him I told him to take a look at my phone which had the picture I had taken of the positive pregnancy test.  He was in disbelief and then was ecstatic.  He couldn't believe it either!  We were so excited to be seeing the Dr. for something else other then fertility issues!

Once we got to our appointment I told the staff that we had a slight change in the reason for our visit.  They had me pee in a cup to confirm.  When we made it into the room the nurse was asking about my history and at some point during that conversion told me that the pregnancy test came back negative!  Needless to say, Ryan & I were crushed.  When the Dr. came in the room we still went through the fertility appointment because we thought I wasn't pregnant.  But I told him that did have a positive test that morning.  He went ahead and scheduled a pregnancy test through blood work as he said a positive pregnancy test is rarely wrong.

Within an hour or two I got a call from the Dr.'s office giving me the good news!  I was really pregnant!!  I guess that was some cheapo pee test they gave me in their office.  This was right before I was meeting up with Ryan for lunch.  One of the things I always do to Ryan if I have a straw is blow the paper covering at him.  It's just something I've always done to irritate him. Ha! :)  This time he was on the phone so while I patiently waited for him to get off the phone so I could tell him the good news I came up with the idea to write "I'm pregnant" on the straw paper covering and blow it at him.  I got an even better reaction from him then last time.  Who gets to tell their husband twice that their pregnant in the same day??

It seems like this process took forever but at the same time I know it could have been much longer.  We are so grateful to be where we are today and are not taking any of it for granted.  I still know we are not promised this baby so I want to cherish every moment because you never know what time you have with your child.

This post is getting long so I'll wrap it up.  I'll be back later this week with how we told our friends and family!


  1. I love that story and I can't wait to follow you on your pregnancy journey. Make sure and take lots of belly pictures!

  2. Oh my gosh Lindsey!! I am so, so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!

  3. Oh so so so happy for you and Ryan! wish I could give you a big hug!! God is always good even when His plan seems so hard! I have walked in some of your shoes but not exactly. I'm so thankful for this little baby growing inside of you. Can't wait to hear more about it and keep up. One day I'll get to see you in person. Until then, please know I'll pray for you and your baby! Love, Wendi

  4. I'm just so very happy for you and Ryan. Thank you for sharing your story! I'm praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby!!! Love you lots!!

  5. Thanks for your comment! It was perfect - words from a wise woman! I am SO thrilled for you and Ryan and have enjoyed reading your story! When I went to confirm the last pregnancy with the Dr. I also tested negative. I thought I might (I knew I was crazo early to be testing), that I took the test with me and showed the doctor. She ordered a blood test right away. I can't imagine how devastating it must have been to have it come back negative for you! SO glad they got it figured out. Thanks for praying for us! Praying for you too! :)

  6. I'm sorry to hear about that short scare the day of your appointment, but I love that you got to tell Ryan the news twice in one day! I'm so glad Clomid did the trick for you!

  7. So so happy for you!!! Congrats!!!
    Sounds like an eventual day, but so happy it ended well!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this post! AHHH! CONGRATS congrats CONGRATS!!!


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