Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flash Back

So I had planned to post all about the updates we've been doing on our new house today...  I was getting the living room all straightened up and making sure the lighting was good to take pictures but then Fantasy Football happened.  My husband took over the living room and my laptop to draft his fantasy team.  Boo!  Football season is already effecting me. Ha!

In the mean time, I'll just have to post about something else until I can work on it tonight.  Unless my husband changes my plans again. :)  I just so happened to get an email from my friend, Chris, sending me an old safety video that a few of us shot for our company around 5 years ago.  It had Ryan & I laughing so hard at ourselves.  It's really silly and if you have 14 minutes (yes, that long!) to kill somewhere in your day hopefully it will make you smile too.  But it may not be as funny to people that don't know us.  It might be one of those things that you had to be there?

The cast:
Host: Chris
Mower: Sara
(Chris & Sara are parents to Camden.  They weren't married back then!)
Football Player: Ryan (the hubs)
The wacko: Me (I was so skinny back then!)
Weedeater: Austin
BBQer: Jarrad

My favorite parts were:
-Austin's shorty shorts there were actual mine handed down to me from my mom!
-Jarrad have a random accent for no reason...
-Chris actually hurting himself during the safety video when jumping off the retaining wall with a large stick.   You can't really tell in the video but he hit his head and it actually drew blood!
-We all look so young (and skinny!).

This is so out of the ordinary for me but I have two more post coming this week.  I know!  Crazy, right?


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