Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Camden's First Birthday Party

You guys!  I am the worst blogger ever.  Sorry it's been so long since my last update.  It's just been so hard to get back into the routine of blogging since we've moved.  I guess I'm still trying to adjust and figure out how to manage my time again.  I promise I will get back to normal soon.  In fact I'll even post a funny little video on Friday.  Two posts in a row!

Trying to catch up a bit, I wanted to post about the cutest birthday party we were able to attend.  Our good friends, Chris & Sarah's, baby boy turned one on August 1st.  So they (Sarah) went all out with the most amazing baseball themed birthday party you've ever seen!
I mean just how creative are these invites we got in the mail??

Part of the food spread.  They also had hot dogs, authentic nachos & cheese, ice-cream in baseball caps and much, much more!

Sarah made this cake from scratch all by herself.  How talented is she??

I loved all the decorations and especially loved that they wanted everybody to sign a baseball so Camden would know who all attended his party when he got older.

With the peanut shells I really felt like I was at a ball park.

This said "Happy Birthday Camden" but I couldn't fit it all in on my camera.

Handsom birthday boy waiting on his cake.

Testing it out...

I think he likes it!

I mean she went all out!

The kids really enjoyed this.  Ryan really wanted to jump in there too.

Janet & her sweet baby boy, Jaxson.

Unfortunately, I didn't snap a picture of Chris or Sarah!  I always do that.  Oh well, the party was so fun, and I couldn't get over how Sarah thought of every detail.  Camden's one lucky little boy!


  1. What a cute party theme! I love those invites

  2. Wow, the party looks great! She sure did think of everything. Glad to hear from you and hope more updates are in the works!

  3. So creative! It looks like she didn't miss a single detail!

  4. Elated to see the well celebrated first birthday eve. Someone suggested us to go for one of the affordable home studios NYC for my daughter's birthday party. She is turning seven next month and wants to give her a wonderful surprise. Hope she feels special seeing pearl cake and Mickey Mouse cup cake ideas thought by me.


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