Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Very Belated 4th of July

Our 4th was so much fun as usual.  Susan always out does herself when she has a family & friend get together at the farm.  Ryan & I love celebrating and shooting off fireworks every year there.  It's definitely become our tradition.  This year held it's exciting moments and was a memorable 4th.

Sally started things off by busting out a dress that her sister, Emily, made back when she was little in the 4H Club.  It was the hit of the night and everybody couldn't stop laughing.  Eventually the heat got to Sally and she had to ditch the party dress.  :)

My mom came in town with us to help us celebrate, and she & I both got to check out the new chicken coop Susan designed.  It's it gorgeous??  I love the wood with the metal.

Fancy!  These chickens are spoiled!

Every night those chickens hop up and jump through that window to sleep.  It cracked me up watching them do that every night.  You can see the rooster to the right over seeing everything.  Ha!

He's definitely an impressive rooster.

Part of our group gathered together eating the fabulous meal prepared by everybody.  It was a beautiful night to sit around and chat.

Then the pre firework show started before it got dark.  Of course the boys were in charge of the explosives.

Ryan tried to get my mom in on the action but her throwing strategy wasn't that great.  Ha!

Then the real firework show began at dark.  I have to say it was quite the production.

So much so that do you see that smoke up in the sky by the trees?  That's left over from the fire that was started in the hay from the fireworks.  All the men jumped into action to put it out before it got too big.  It's just been so dry lately that it was bound to happen and Harlan was ready with the hose.  It actually caught fire several times before the night was done.  I'm thinking we should move the firework show next year away from the hay!

That weekend Ryan & I also celebrated his good friend from childhood's 30th birthday party at the park.  It was blazing hot but I took this picture right before it decided to down pour on us.  Hey, we'll take the rain anytime and anywhere!  I think Matt (the birthday boy) still had a great time with family & friends.  It's always good to catch up with old friends.

Over all it was a wonderful and relaxing holiday.  I could use more of those!  :)


  1. That chicken coop sure does look nice! We caught hay on fire too on the 4th, but luckily the guys put it out fast also. I'm just glad we were able to set any off at all since it has been so dang dry.

  2. What a fun place to spend the 4th at every year! We had a firework ban because of all of the fires so we didn't get to see any this year!

  3. Love the chickens!!

    I just nominated you for an award on my blog...!


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