Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Summer of Weddings

I'm so behind on posts it's ridiculous!  I don't even know where to start... I guess weddings are always a fun place!

Our good friends Ben & Jami got married in the middle of June and had one of the most gorgeous weddings.  (I didn't hurt that the bride & groom were gorgeous themselves!)  I loved that their reception was held at the Carriage Club near the Plaza.  This place is to die for beautiful.

Our table of friends

Marisa & Kirk (expecting their second little one very soon)

Cynthia & Brandon

Brad & his invisible wife Lindsey   :)
Lindsey wasn't able to make it to the wedding.  Boo!  She's usually the life of the party!

Brad just settled for Ryan.  Ha!

I had to include this picture because it cracks me up.  I don't know what I was doing.  Apparently I was not ready for my picture to be taken.

Ryan & I
I wish I would have gotten a picture of my full dress.  It went down to the floor and was so gorgeous.  I think it's one of my favorite dresses I own.

This was the only picture I snapped of Ben & Jami.  Aren't they gorgeous??  
We had such a fun time that night.  I miss those guys!

The second wedding in June was for one of my best friend's, Lindsey, sister.  Kelsey & Austin got married at this gorgeous place in KC called Mildale Farm.  
I have to admit that we were dying of heat during the ceremony but the scenery made it worth it.  Also, they kept us nice and cool during the reception later on that made up for it.  :)

The other fun treat of the ceremony was that Chris Mann from the voice sang during their wedding!  Apparently the groom is cousins with Chris.  Such a small world!  I forgot my real camera so all these pictures are from my cell phone so they aren't that great.  But that's Chris singing from the balcony.

I love this picture of Austin & Kelsey.  Such pure joy!  (Don't mind the shoulder in the pic!)

There was a line to get into the reception because the bride and groom were greeting people.  It was ok though because we were served peach tea in these cute glasses.

I LOVED this homemade sign.  They had so many sweet personal touches everywhere.  You can tell Kelsey has planned for this day her whole life.  ;)

The inside of this barn was just incredible.  I took this picture and later realized Chris Mann is the guy in the middle drinking from his glass.  Too funny.

Each stable had something different to offer like drinks, entertainment or fun things for the kids to do!  Such a neat idea.

I mean how amazing is this?  I swoon over the string lights.

Lindsey (sister of the bride) & Brad

Really blurry picture of Ryan & I.  Just love camera phones!

Another great shot of me with my eyes closed with my friend Ashley.

The centerpieces that the wedding party help make.

Me, Ryan & Lindsey

Ok, so my favorite part of the whole evening was the surprise dance from the wedding party.  Check it out.
Why didn't I think of that for my wedding?!  I'm telling you Kelsey thought of everything.  Ha!


  1. You look beautiful at both weddings! The locations are gorgeous, gorgeous couples, fun entertainment - what more could you ask for?

  2. That wedding dance video cracked me up, what a fun wedding party to have! And yes, our weddings looked very similar but thankfully ours was only hot during the cermony and we were able to cool off inside for the reception. Outdoor summer weddings can be a killer!

  3. Hi :) I am a regular reader of your blog love it to bits!
    Because of this I nominated you for an award link-up I got involved in.
    Hope you are having a fab week...nice to meet you!
    Nic x

    p.s you sure go to some amazing weddings...jealous!!!

  4. This looks like such a sweet wedding! Wow! So pretty! You need to blog more. ;)


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