Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Memorial Day

Sorry guys, bare with me as I'm trying to get settled here in Oklahoma.  This coming weekend we will be moving out of our home in KC and moving into our place here in OK early next week.  I promise once I get a little more settled I will update you on the new digs and life.  I'm just feeling a little out of sorts right now.

Over Memorial Day my mom, Ryan & I all traveled to southern Missouri to visit family.  My Godmother, Pat, & Rocky came in from Dallas to make the trip with us as well!  I hadn't been down there in a few years and thought the long weekend would be the perfect opportunity (never mind that I was moving and all. Ha!).

Our first stop was in Springfield, MO to visit my cousin Sherry and her gorgeous family.  We missed seeing her oldest son, Alex.
Derek, Sherry & James

Rocky, Pat, Sherry, Mary, (in the back) Derek & James
The crew in front of James & Sherry's beautiful home.  I was taking notes on all her fabulous landscaping.  :)
I love this picture of everybody.

Here's one that I hopped into the picture.

After a nice lunch at their home we moseyed on over to my mom's hometown of Summersville, MO.
My Uncle Bill & Aunt Roena still live there on some gorgeous land.  I spent hours out there just gazing at the rolling fields.

Ryan said those two love birds were him & I.  Hey, it was our anniversary weekend people!

We did a lot of catching up with our family out in this backyard enjoying the weather and views.

My mom had a hard time taking our picture apparently.  She kept snapping them when were weren't ready!

This weekend was also a chance to learn more about my family history.  My mom took me by their old church where my great grandfather donated all the materials to build it.  It's such a sweet church, and I used to love going there when I was little on our visits.  It's still operating today!

I had to include this photo of a miniature pony that we saw along one of our walks.  How funny is that tongue?

My mom & Aunt Roena after one of our nightly walks around town.

Roena's bird houses she puts out every year.  That is such a childhood memory of mine.

Another childhood memory was running around her beautiful backyard and admiring all her flowers.  I have no idea how she keeps up everything plus all the land!

Another amazing thing about Roena is that she keeps up this huge vegetable garden.  She grows everything they will need for the whole year and gives a lot of it away!

I mean this was legit!  It kind of made me want to start something like this but that would be so much to keep up with.  Maybe we will start with something smaller...

I even got to eat some of that fresh broccoli for dinner one night.

Quite the setup.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend we ran around to 5 different cemeteries to visit graves from our family. Roena makes all these gorgeous arrangements for over 50+ graves!! I thought it was going to be weird to visit all those graves but it was actually really interesting learning about all the family history. I had no idea how much of my history is in southern Missouri. The above picture is of my grandmother's grave (my mom's mom). She passed away when I was a freshman in high school at the age of 91!

The cemetery was dedicated to the Plowman family with was my grandmother's maiden name. I even think Ryan was a little bit interested in all the history. It was a little rough on him to visit 5 cemeteries in one morning. ;)

We also stopped by my cousin, John's, house to visit and check out his new ride.

Ryan got to take a ride in this little thing, and that may have been the highlight of his trip.

Mom, Hellen, Julie & her kids in tow
There was a gorgeous hydrangea bush behind them but it's kind of hard to see in this pic.

On our last day there Roena made a homemade angle food cake for our 6 year anniversary.  So sweet!

I think this is the only picture I got of my Uncle Bill (my mom's older brother).

Blowing out the candles.

My other cousins, Mike & Dee, came to visit too.  This is where you would find us if we weren't outside on the swing.  Roena is an incredible cook and Ryan & I where just dying over her food.  I want to get all her recipes!!

Rocky, Pat & Ryan

It was such a great trip spending time and seeing so many family members.  I still need to get photos of the river and other family spots that are rich with our history.  Next time!


  1. Oh my, you two are so busy right now!!! Can't wait to hear news about a new house and getting settled again. And a Happy Anniversary by the way!

  2. I can't believe you have time to fit all this stuff in! With all the moving and everything...holy cow! It looks like you have a wonderful family and that it was a very peaceful time.


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