Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sedona, Arizona Part 2

Ok, so I left off when we were eating at the Mesa Grill for breakfast.  After getting our fill of food we decided to explore another trail that no one had been on before.  We thought the title of this hike "Devil's Bridge" sounded like an interesting one.  So we went for it.

At the beginning of our hike we saw the rock formation called Balancing Rock.  Clever.

Amy leading the way through the rocky, ankle twisting trail.

There were some gorgeous cacti that were in bloom along the path.  I had to include this picture because Ryan bent down to check them out and totally got needles stuck in his forehead.  Don't ask me how he did that!

On this hike we saw a lot of trail markers (Cairns).  I'm guessing because this trail could be pretty easy to stray from since it was such a rocky terrain.

Almost to our destination but stopped at a rock landing to take some pictures (of course!).

Chuck & Chelsea

Mark & Brittney

Amy & Clint

We finally made it to the Devil's Bridge and of course Ryan was the first one to run out on the narrow rock!

It really was pretty freaky to walk out there but so worth it.

I laughed so hard when I saw Amy crab crawling to the center of the bridge to get her picture taken. I call this her sexy pose.  :) She was so scared!

This one of Mark & Brittney was great too.

The scenery was absolutely breath taking.

One last shot so you can see how far of a drop it was!

After climbing all the way up there we now faced the challenge of climbing back down.  I always think that is the hardest part.

It definitely got pretty steep.

Chuck, Chelsea, Clint, Amy, Brittney, Mark, Ryan & Me
This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole group.

This is Amy being conscientious of the signs.  Ha!

After our hike in the morning and a quick bit to eat for lunch, we had a fun little excursion planned for the afternoon.
A Pink Jeep Tour of Broken Arrow!!

All the girls were in one jeep and the boys in the another.  There was too many of us to fit in one.

All the boys (and a random couple) on the way to the jeep trail.  Love that pink!

It was nice that we were able to stop and hop out a few times for photo opportunities.

This cracked me up because our tour guide thought of this one and had all the couples do it.  It turned out pretty good.

Do you see that white line going across the red rock?  Apparently, mountain bikers will bike across that!!  If they were to lose their balance they would definitely not make it...  So freaky!  Just google "Sedona, Arizona riding the white line" for videos of it.

Oh Ryan.

Of course

Another great group shot.

I had to show you guys this picture of the boy's tour guide.  He was showing us how to pose to look like we were falling off the rock.  We died laughing.

Here's Ryan's version only is was of climbing up the rock.

I took a quick video of us in the jeep riding around.  This definitely does not give it justice of how bumpy the ride was.  We were flying all over that jeep.  Thank goodness we were buckled in!  It was so crazy some of the things we drove over.

Here is the boy's jeep at around a 45 degree angle.  This felt like we were going to fall right out of that jeep.  I can best describe it as it being similar to a roller coaster.  It was a blast!

Here's what they call the stair case.  All the girls were screaming because the jeep kept slipping on the sand down to the next rock.  It was awesome!  :)

It was definitely an experience of a life time and we recommend that tour to anyone if you are ever in the area.

This trip went by so fast but we packed it full of fun activities and delicious foods.  We are already talking about what we want to do next time we go back.  I LOVE Sedona!  But the friends are what makes it so special.  Thanks again Mark & Brittney for inviting us along!!


  1. My heart skipped a few beats looking at the pictures of your friends out on that ledge!! The jeep tour looks amazing too, it all sounds so fun!

  2. Oh my those pictures make me want to go to Arizona NOW. You are so lucky to be blessed with these trips and vacations!

  3. I just found your site through Q.A designs. I love your outlook on life and can certainly relate with how much you've moved. When you get a chance stop by my blog it's about adapting to moving to new places and of course everyday life for me:)


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