Monday, May 21, 2012

Sedona, Arizona Part 1

If our life wasn't already crazy enough right now, we went on another mini vacation for a few days with some good friends.  Mark & Brittney invited us back to Brittney's Aunt's vacation home in Sedona and there was no way we would miss out on all the fun.  :)  We had already planned this way before we ever knew we were moving so we made it work.

We went to Sedona, Arizona about 2 years ago with a lot of the same people but also a few new friends joined the trip as well.  I talked about that vacation here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  The first two links will show you the gorgeous home that we stayed in.

The day we got there we headed straight for town to check out the scenery and shops.

Last time we were in town Brittney and I stopped to take pictures with the Javelina statues that were everywhere.  So we had to keep up the tradition!
Brittney circa 2010
Brittney circa 2012
She even kissed the same statue in the same body position!

Me circa 2010

Me circa 2012
I kissed the same statue too but they moved the location of it!  I laughed when I realized I'm in the same position too down to even holding something in my hand.  So funny!

Our first dinner there we had to hit up our favorite pizza place.  This has got to be the most classic picture of my husband.  He has to have pizza at least once a week if not more so this picture could not be more perfect.

The whole gang.
(Left to Right)
Me, Ryan, Chuck, Chelsea, Brittney, Mark, Clint & Amy

This picture is too funny because we were all laughing at the waitress.  She was just snapping away!  I have all kinds of random pictures from her that she took of the wall and back of our heads.  Ha!

(Mark & Ryan)
The next day our first priority was to hit the hiking trails.  Since is was Chuck, Clint and Amy's first time being in Sedona we wanted to show them our favorite trail.

Clint & Chuck's walking sticks.  That was a tradition started from our last time we were here.

This hike had a good view of the red rock called the Mitten.  Can you see it?

I thought this was a neat shot of a helicopter.  We kept seeing them over head.  This would be a beautiful place to take a helicopter ride to see the views.

Amy leading the way on our hike.

Mark & Brittney
Stopping to rest and take pictures.

Brittney was our little tour guide tellings us all about our surrounds from her book.  That was really nice to have!

We had these little guys following us up the trail.  We started calling him Herewego like from that commercial.

Those walking sticks really came in handy because all the loose rocks were definitely hazardous for your ankles!

Taking another break to enjoy the view.

I'm not good at taking pictures by myself.  Ha!

Chelsea & Chuck

Have you ever heard of Geocaching?  I hadn't until Clint & Amy introduced us to it.  People hide what they call a Geocache anywhere in the world and just leave the coordinance of where it is located.  So with your GPS devise (or iphone in our case) you walk to the coordinance and try to find the hidden object.  It can be a box or any small container.  Inside is a log that people can sign and then return it to where they found it.  So we decided we wanted to try and hunt one down out where we were.  And this was where the GPS took us!

Clint some how found this tiny little thing hidden under a rock!!

A little ironic that it the label read National Life Insurance since it was so close to the edge.  Ha!

Me with the Geocache.

Then we made it to our final destination of the hike.

It has the most gorgeous views!

On top of that mesa is where the airport is located and where we went to eat breakfast the next day.

I think we could live here.

Ryan scared me half to death with how close he would get to the edge!!

This one just cracks me up because he wasn't even trying to match his foot up with the rock in the background.

A quick pic before dinner from our balconey after getting all cleaned up from our hike.

The next morning we woke up early (still on central time) so we decided to eat breakfast at the Mesa Grill located at the small airport on top of the mesa I had pictured earlier in this post.

Love you Chelsea!

I loved the inside of the restaurant.  It was just wall to wall windows so you could watch the airplanes take off while you ate.

I laughed when I saw this photo because I had no idea that Ryan was taking it.

Ryan went outside to take a couple pictures.  He of course had to get one with our brand in it.  :)

We got to see some really neat aircrafts take off from this airport like a Red Baron and these two Apache Helicopters.

More to come this week!

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  1. You go on the best trips, seriously! I'm glad you still managed to go among all the other stuff you have going on right now.


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