Friday, May 11, 2012

Life on the Cruise Ship

The final post of our vacation!  You guys are probably ready for me to talk about something else.  Ha!  Well this is it folks.

Now it's time to talk all about the cruise ship itself.
We sailed on the Princess Star and it was both Ryan & I's first time to be on a Princess Cruise line.  It was a really nice ship and well sized.  There were so many different places to check out and things to do the whole time.

This was our cabin.  It was actually pretty big!  I was a little worried that it would be claustrophobic but it wasn't at all.

I didn't get that many pictures of the ship itself but this was one of (I think) 5 or 6 pools.  So there were many places to get a tan or sunburned in my case.  :)

This was the midship atrium where they held special performances.  It was about 4 or 5 floors high.

The staff was AMAZING.  They were all so friendly and accommodating.  This was our waiter one of the nights and he was hilarious.  One thing about taking a longer cruise that falls over a lot of business days, is the fact that you will be cruising with a lot of retirees.  Which I think is fun but you don't find that many people your age.  But a lot of the cruise staff was so we became friends with a lot of them.  Ha!

One night at dinner.

Oh the food was delicious!!  I especially liked the dessert menu.

Ryan checking out the view.

The back of the ship.  

It was a nice spot to retreat from the sun and listen to the ocean.

Ryan checking out the basketball court on the top deck.

We did end up meeting a couple from Canada named Kia & Danielle.  They were so much fun and I am so glad we meet them!  We ended up eating together several times and joining each other for shows or game nights.  This is Ryan & Kia playing some chest.  They had just got done playing shuffle board.

They even celebrated Easter for us since we were all away from our homes for the holiday.

I'm serious when I say there was something going on all the time.  Ryan & I were constantly checking the schedule (they called it the Patter) for what was next.  This was an ice sculpture demonstration that only took 30 minutes.

A fish & a swan

There was even a place to practice your putting skills.  It proved to be a challenge with the rocking of the boat but Danielle killed it.

The boys playing basketball.

Every night there was either an amazing performance to watch or a fun activity to do.  This particular night was the Newly Weds game and Danielle & Kia were chosen to play.  It was so funny.  

I would say this was one of my favorite memories of the cruise.  They were so embarrassed! Ha!

As I mentioned before we became friends with some of the crew members.  This was Mikey and Faye.  They were dancers in the shows that were held every night.  I have to say the shows really blew my mind.   A lot of them looked like they came straight off Broadway!  Every night Faye would look for us in the audience and somewhere in her performance she would wave or yell hello to us.  Ha!

This was us at the Sky Bar that was supposedly where  all the young people went to dance at night.  We were practically the only ones there, but that made it more fun to me in my opinion.

Another fun thing we did was get to go backstage to see where the performers went to change costumes and get ready for the shows.

Ryan & I really got into playing Bingo and Black Jack on the cruise (imagine that).  We actually won $200 dollars one of the rounds!  Can I just tell you how lucky Ryan is?  He won us a free message at their amazing spa, he won us a free Bingo ticket that won us the $200, he won a raffle where he got free stuff and he got second place in a poker tournament.  He's so crazy.

Here we are watching Ryan on a hot streak playing Black Jack.

Another shot of the midship.  There were many different shops and restaurants that circled this area. 

Finally here are some photos that a photographer took of us during the cruise that I purchased and then scanned to the computer.

Kia & Danielle were so much fun and we were so thankful for them.  We want to go visit them in Canada!

This was a fun pic of us but I couldn't figure out how to turn it.  So you will just have to look at it sideways.

I know I am missing so many things that we did on the ship but that would take me all day to write about. Cruising is definitely a fun thing to do and worth every penny.  I want to do it again in the future but maybe from like a Saturday to the next Sunday so there would be more people our age on the ship.


  1. Your cruise room was SO much bigger than ours in Carnival! Dang, if I ever go on another one I'm doing Princess.
    And count your blessings you were with older people. Our ship was overrun with children and completely ruined the experience for us.

  2. You may have just convinced me to take a cruise!! Glad you guys had such an amazing trip!


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