Monday, May 7, 2012

Cabo San Lucas - Port 3

This is one of the last three cruise posts I have planned.  I want to knock them all out this week.  So stay tuned for a post on San Diego and the cruise itself.

Our third port was Cabo San Lucas, and this one was unique because we got to spend almost 2 days here.  The first day we didn't have anything planned but to explore the town.  Ryan & I both had never been here but had heard so many great things about it.
As our cruise ported in the bay the first thing I saw was the famous Arch.  It was even more beautiful then in pictures!  I couldn't wait to get a closer look.

The famous Lover's Beach just to the right of the Arch.

The water was so crystal clear and blue!!  I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was.

There were shops and restaurants all along the bay that wrapped all the way around it.

Look at all those boats!

This is just a picture to show you how clear the water really was.  You could see everything!  We had fun just walking along the edge of the water and finding fun fish like this one.

Kansas State representing!

This is where the big mall was and the higher end shopping.

There were so many pelicans everywhere!  Ryan kept calling them seagulls.  ;)

Our good friends, Mark & Emily, suggested that we eat at Cabo Wabo and try out their famous burrito.

It was to die for!  If we ever get the chance to go back to Cabo we will be back here in a heart beat.  This is where it's at!
(Can you tell we were burnt?)

Another fun thing about Cabo was all the sea lions.  They were everywhere!  Riding on the back of boats, sun bathing or just floating along the water.   This guy was doing a little bit of both.  Just hanging out in the water sun bathing.  It was too funny!

I wanted to take him home with me!

Just looking at the incredible rock formations was enough for me.

Since it was an over night port we got to stay out late and enjoy some of the night life.  We joined some of our cruise buddies at the Mango Deck right off the beach for some dinner.  It was a gorgeous sunset with beautiful views.  You can see our cruise ship in the background.

This is by far my favorite picture of our ship, the Star Princess, that we took.

The second day in Cabo we had a snorkeling excursion planned on a Zodiac boat ride.  That was such a blast.

Closer view of Lover's beach

That rock formation to the left is called Neptune's Finger.

Our guide pointed out this random hole that formed in the rock that you could see the Sea of Cortez through.

And of course the famous Arch up close and personal.

After some sight seeing we hit up two different snorkeling spots to check out the fish and sea life.

Have I mentioned that I'm terrified of fish?  I wrote about our first snorkeling experience together here on our honeymoon.  Ryan swore I was trying to kill him.  This time around was a little better because it wasn't so shallow and the fish were truly breath taking (as was the freezing water!).  Plus our instructor was great and would swim down to the bottom to bring up sea orchids and several different types of star fish.  There were just so many different varieties of fish that we saw.  Some of which were the Parrot and Trumpet fish that I can remember off hand.  Ryan said I did better because I only screamed at half the fish this time.  :)

Afterwards we still had some time before we pushed off so we decided to relax on the beach and soak in the beauty.

This was where we started seeing several jelly fish that were getting really close to shore.  Eeeek!

The local kids weren't scared of them at all!  They just used a bag to grab them with their hands and ran off with them.  So crazy!

We are definitely coming back here!!

We could have spent the entire vacation right here...

Out of all the places we've been in Mexico (which aren't that many), Cabo is definitely my favorite.

Anybody want to go with us next time???


  1. Could those pictures be any more beautiful?? Oh my gosh, I thought for sure the water was edited to be that blue. Wow!! And the sea lions are adorable, I'd want to take one home too!

  2. Those pictures are making me want to go back to Mexico so bad!!! I love that place, you just can't beat the water or the scenery :)


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