Friday, May 4, 2012

Before & In Progress :: Kitchen

Ok, so I realize we are selling our house now so I better get on with finally showing you guys the rest of it before we move!  I also realize that we will not do anything else to it at this point but I'll still call it "in progress" and tell you what we would have done.

Another fun side note, we got an offer on our house just 24 hours after listing it!  We are currently under contract and just had the inspections done yesterday.  We still have to get the report back on that and do appraisals.  So we are not out of the woods yet but I think that it might work out!  (I need to go knock on wood or something.)  I do have to give a shout out to our amazing realtor, Lindsey Haymond, for working so hard on this and getting us a contract so fast!  If anyone needs a hard working realtor, she is your gal!

This time around I'm going to show a before picture followed by an after picture so you can see the difference right next to each other.
The pantry before.

I LOVE this pantry.  It just can't get better then this...  We didn't do anything in here, but we had planned to paint and change out the saloon styled swing doors for an actual door.

Our kitchen had been remodeled several years ago by the previous owners but their finishing weren't really our taste.  But they did create a really nice layout that we've enjoyed.  I would call this section of the kitchen the butler's pantry maybe?  It houses our second oven, coffee bar and more cabinets for storage.  (You can never get enough of that!)  You can see from the picture that we were just moving in because of the stock of TP on the counter.  That's a must have when you just moved in and haven't unpacked yet.

In the after, all we did was paint the glossy mint green walls that extended throughout the kitchen.  The pantry pictures really show the true color of what it used to be.  The kitchen pictures make it seem more tame then it really was.  Ick!  We chose a nice chocolate brown color to accent some of the walls in the kitchen and then on the none accent walls we chose the Ash color from our living room to kind of merge the rooms together.  You'll see that better below.

Wider shot of this area.

Here's were you can see the accent walls.  We chose the brown to kind of compliment the green corian counters and make the cabinets pop a little bit.

Here's our gas stove/oven and microwave.  Ideally I would have loved a range hood but this isn't too bad.

Again, all we really did was paint here.  Though, we did replace out the old dishwasher that was falling apart with this nice stainless steel one.  We love it!  You can see the pantry to the right in this picture.  The previous owners also installed lights under the cabinets which has been really nice.

Wide shot of the main part of the kitchen.  You can kind of see the old dishwasher and we also replaced those "too modern for the space" pendant lights above the peninsula.

New lights and new paint.  We didn't want to paint every wall in the kitchen brown because I think it would have been too dark and overwhelming.  You can see the den down the hallway on the right.

This is where the refrigerator lives.  Their old fridge made us nervous that a normal sized fridge wouldn't fit there but it did!
A good picture of the both parts of the kitchen and fridge.  I just realized that this picture makes it look like the walls are still green but I promise they are not!

Here are a couple more after pictures.  If we would have stayed here long term I would have painted the cabinets white and replaced the counter tops with something similar to the look of white marble.  You know what I'm talking about?  We also would have added a neat back splash and replaced out the flooring with hardwoods.  I just like the look of hardwoods extended throughout the first floor.

I'm going to miss this kitchen!!


  1. For good reason you'll miss that kitchen - it's sweet!

  2. I seriously love what you did with the kitchen! The darker color looks so good against the cabinets!

  3. Amazing that you already are under contract, what a blessing!! I love your kitchen, it looks so spacious and you have tons of cabinet space that I'm jealous of.


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