Monday, April 23, 2012

Life is Crazy

Sorry I haven't gotten any more posts up about our vacation but life has been slightly crazy since we've got back into town.

So right before we left on our amazing two week vacation we found out that we were moving again!!  Crazy right?!  We knew that it would be a possibility but didn't realize it would be so soon.  So where are we headed this time? 

Bartlesville, OK

Home of the Frank LLoyd Wright hotel called the Price Tower.  It's the only hotel that was designed by him in existence, and there are no 90 degree angles inside the building.

Also home to the original head quarters of Phillip 66 owned my Frank Phillips.  Frank's mansion is now a pretty neat museum filled with fun history.

I'm not going to lie.  It will be pretty hard to leave Kansas City where a lot of our family and friends are.  But luckily B'ville is only about 3 hours away, and we can easily make it back for weekends.  Plus the fact that we are really excited about our new jobs that are taking us there doesn't hurt.  :)  We will both still be with the same company.  AND we used to live there several years back for about a year and a half, and we still have some friends there too.

I think I'm still in shock.  Since we've gotten back from vacation we hit the ground running.  We had a lot on our plate through April & May and that was before the move!  Now we've added trying to get our house ready to put on the market and organize all the details of the move that's coming in June.  You might want to send up a prayer for us, because life is getting crazy!!


  1. I was really hoping KC would be permanent for you all especially since we have only seen you once since you moved back! But 3 hours is a great distance! We will definitely be praying for you all and the craziness that comes with moving but so excited for you guys getting to do jobs you love. Enjoy your last few months in KC!

  2. You are one strong couple to be able to manage all the moves you've had in the last several years. I'm glad to hear that you are both really happy with your new jobs and I wish you all the best! Sad to see you leaving KC though. :(

  3. Oh my goodness!!! You guys are busier than anyone else I know! I can't believe you guys are moving again, it feels like you just moved into your new house! Good luck with everything, I know how stressful moving can be.

  4. Oh wow!!!! You guys are all over the place. I can't keep up! I hope you had an awesome time on your vacation.
    I'm leaving tomorrow for a quick trip to London with 2 great friends. Beau is home with the kids (plus the help of family and babysitters of course!)

    Thinking of you and praying this transition goes smoothly. You never know what God has planned around the corner (or down the road 3 hours away!)

    your bloggin buddy,

  5. Oh wow, so much for all those cool home repairs you did!!!!! I guess we will just have NEW before and afters. Thanks for changing your comment things so I can join in, I KNOW you did it just for me. ;) I want to hear more about these new jobs!!!


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