Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Before & In Progress :: Entryway

Back again with another installment of the house tour!
We're still on our vacation but will be back at the end of this week.  Get ready for an overload of travel posts coming your way.  Hope you like pictures.  :)

I know the entryway is kind of a lame before and after post but I definitely think there was a transformation worth noting.
This was the only before picture I took and I'm kicking myself for not getting a better shot of the wallpaper that you can see on the right side of this photo.  It was the only wall that was wallpapered.  I'm actually not against wallpaper if it's done the right way.  There are so many cool options out there now.  They've come a long way.
The other walls had some kind of sponge paint technique on them that just made them look dark and dirty.  The light fixtures were the out dated brass kind, and they even had faux stain glass stick on things going on in the windows next to the door.  They were immediately peeled off.

And now for the after shot that KC photo bombed. Ha!
We continued again with the Ash paint color to lighten things up and help make our house feel unified.  You may have noticed we even painted the door bell so it didn't stick out like a sore thumb.  The wallpaper came down and Ryan actually just spray painted the brass light fixtures an oil rubbed bronze finish as a quick and cheap update.
You can see our art work that we hung on the wall to the left.  More detail on them here.
(The picture has a yellowy effect to it because of the lamb.  The wall really aren't yellow!)

We received Ryan's grandmother's entryway table a little while ago, and it works perfect for the space.  It was skinny enough to fit into a tight space.  It may have been an oak finish before (??) but I sanded it down and painted it a grey blue.  I've been itching to paint a piece of furniture that color for a long time now!  Again, I have no idea how to decorate this table so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  And I know I need to do something about that cord that is glaring at me from underneath the table.
Another thing we really want to do here is some sort of pattern on this wall as an accent.  We may have our in-laws screen something again like they did for our half bathroom here.

Here's an example of some sweet patterned wallpaper.  I would only do that one wall.

Or an example of just stenciling a pattern too.

I also thought doing something to the ceiling might be cool instead of an accent wall.  But it seems like a lot of work.  It's always hard painting above your head, but who knows maybe someday I'll loss my mind and do it!
(Above three images via Pinterest)

Here's just another view that shows the entry point into the living room.  Oh ya, and I believe the floors are original to the house and we kind of like them.  They are very neutral colors and sort of work with our color scheme.  Maybe way down the line we might redo them but they are fine for now.

Thoughts? Suggestions?  Ideas?

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  1. Love the new look! It looks so bright and fresh! Personally I think a pop of yellow would look wonderful in that space. But again thats just me ;) Cant wait to see vaca pics!


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