Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Before & In Progress :: Eat in Kitchen

While we are out of town I thought I'd pop in at least once a week to share some more before and after in progress photos of our house.

Since I just showed you our living room, it seemed perfect to show you the eat in kitchen next since it's connected to that.  Get ready for some more mint green walls!
Again, more dark blinds that really made it hard to enjoy natural light in this room.  We tore those down and continued with the bright white curtain theme to help unify the living room and eat in kitchen.  

The next thing we did was to eliminate the fan that would be directly above the kitchen table.  I'm not a big fan of fans in the kitchen area (pun intended).  We actually moved the fan up to Ryan's office since it can get hot up there and bought a new light fixture for the area.  Plus there is a screen door we can up to get a breeze and an attic fan to circulate air throughout the house.  It's been wonderful having that this spring!

Ta da!
We continued the Restoration Hardware color Ash throughout this room as well, and hung the new light fixture.

We also finally got new kitchen chairs from a local place here called Nell Hills.  They are definitely an up grade from our $20 Ikea chairs we got when we were first married.  :)  The table was given to us when we were got married by Ryan's parents.  I think it was an oak color before maybe?  But then Ryan refinished it and painted it black.  It has really held up nicely!  There are no scratches or anything.
Ryan's mom, Susan, gave us the You + Me picture frame and I just love it!

Come join us for dinner!  I love how those double doors look out onto our deck.

This used to be our entryway table but it was too large for the space we have now.  So it's become the perfect kitchen buffet table.

Last picture to kind of show you how the two rooms work together.  I really think batten board would look so fabulous in these two rooms.  :)

Ideas or suggestions for me on how to improve this space??
I'm terrible when it comes to creating center pieces for tables or accents on side tables.  Help!

Thank you for all your ideas on the living room space!


  1. Love the dining room, and the chairs are amazing! The picture of the whole table with the double doors behind it looks fantastic. I think the batten board would be a nice addition to that room too.

  2. Wow, I really love that dining room set! You have done such a great job about making your house into a home.

  3. I think it turned out really cute! And if I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about a centerpiece for the coffee table. I just know you will have a little one soon and then that centerpiece will have to be put away anyways!


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