Monday, March 12, 2012

How to Combat Dryness

 I know I've done a post before about having dry skin during the winter months, but I've got an updated list on things that have been working for me.  I realize that we are about to enter spring but ever since moving from Houston (read: humid) to Kansas City (read: dry) I've been battling dry skin year round.  My husband was about to go crazy listening to me itch all day long. Ha!

1.   Gold Bond Ultimate: This lotion is the bomb.  I really like the CoQ10 scent too.  I feel like the name of it makes you think of something your grandparents used back in the day but they really have the best lotion I've found so far.  It moisturizes you all day long without leaving you feeling greasy.

2.  Jack Black Lip Balm:  You guys, this has seriously changed my cracked, dried lips.  I am a changed woman.  One application will last forever so you are not constantly reapplying.  This is the only lip balm that has actually helped my lips stay healthy.  I really like the Black Tea & Blackberry flavor but I'm about to go buy all of them to try each flavor out.  :)

3.  Crane Drop Humidifier:  I don't think I've used a humidifier since I was little but I've recently purchased one for our bedroom.  I feel like I'm always dry a night and this little baby has been awesome.  Ryan has been struggling with bloody noses from the dryness and he claims that this has really helped him.  I even like the look of this humidifier which good looking ones that you don't mind being on display are hard to find!  They even come in fun colors for your little kiddo's room too.

4.  Starbucks Tumbler:  I used to be really bad about drinking enough water in a day, but have recently turned the corner over that past several months.  Drinking water has made all the difference of how I feel, and I think has really helped with my skin feeling so dry.  One way to help encourage myself to drink more water was by purchasing something really cute to drink out of. Ha!  Hey, whatever works right?  I just love the Starbucks drink tumbler, and I think if you bring it in to Starbucks to get a drink they will give you a discount.  Haven't tried that yet though.

5.  Avalon Organics Cream Shave:  I forget how I ended up trying this shaving cream but now I am hooked.  It was kind of weird at first to not use a foaming shaving cream but after my first lotiony shave experience I didn't look back.  Normally my legs feel pretty dry after shaving but this stuff leaves me feeling moisturized all day long.  Definitely worth trying ladies, plus it's organic!  You can't go wrong.

That's about it for my list.  I'm actually still trying to find the magic body wash that's helps with moisturizing.  Does anyone have any suggestions with that?  What about any thing else that has helped you guys combat dryness?  Spill the secrets!


  1. It's very possible this will seem weird coming from a dude, but...I *love* that Gold Bond lotion!  I have a pump container of it on my desk at the office (and other people are always stealing some) and another at great!

  2. Yep. You get a few cents off for bringing in your own cup to Starbucks.

  3. Good list of things!  I remember I bought some hand lotion off your last post (the Norwegian Formula) and I have it on my desk at work. :)  I haven't shopped around, but I've had pretty good luck with Dove body wash.  

  4. I will have to try that gold bond lotion. I am so dry all the time and while pregnant my hand crack and bleed no matter how much lotion is on them. Gross I know ;) I use dove moisturizing body wash and love it! It kind of feels like lotion going on but soaps up nicely.


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