Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Emily's Baby Shower

This past weekend was a sweet friend of mine's baby shower celebrating their first baby.  I've known Emily since college but got to know her more in the years following.  I remember meeting her in my Public Speaking class and then again when we volunteered at an after school program for elementary school kids.  It wasn't until I started working for my current company that I meet her husband Jordan when we both started in the same group at the same time.  It was then that we all bonded.  :)  It really felt like an extension of college because we had so much fun living in Bartlesville with them and several other K-Staters.

We've since moved but have kept in touch and even went to the lake together this past summer.  Emily's parents still live in Kansas City so she flew in to be showered with love and gifts.  I was so excited to see her and her growing belly.  She's due in June and they have decided not to find out what they are having until then!  That takes some major will power!  I can't wait to meet their little one soon.

So since they didn't know what they are having it was a very cute gender neutral baby shower.  Emily loves the color orange and has inadvertently gone with an owl theme.  She said she just wanted a couple of owl things but then it blew up from there but she loves it.  She cracked me up when she said that their child will probably be terrified of owls now.  Haha!
The gorgeous table spread.  I loved the table cloth!

The classic diaper cake and you can see some of the owl theme going on.

This cake was to die for!  It's from our local grocery store, Hen House, and it had the most delicious lemon filling!

The flowers were from Hen House too!

One of the things we did was fill out a little card to the baby so Emily could read through them later and save them for when their baby gets older.  Funny story, I totally didn't listen or apparently read the "Dear Baby" part and wrote it to Emily!!  When I figured it out and told Emily we just died laughing.  I think it will be a special one just for her. :)

This was also a very fun game.  I loved that it was multiple choice so I didn't have to fill in the blanks.  Although, it still didn't help me get very many of the answers!

Emily (in pink) along with some of the guests trying to figure out the answers.

She definitely scored in the present department!  She was almost buried.

The sound machine that Ryan & I got her.  Ryan went straight for the electronics at the store.

I'm just highlighting a few of my favorite gifts.  Emily received the most gorgeous water colors in three frames for the nursery with owls on them.  They were so beautiful!  I need to get the name of the artist.

How freaking cute is this little owl hat???

Emily & I
I had to wear green because it was St. Patrick's Day!
I miss my friend but am so happy for her! 

I can't wait to visit you, Jordan and your baby in Houston sometime this year!!

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  1. Looks like a great shower!  And from what I can see of those paintings, they do look gorgeous!


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