Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Man, I am really struggling to create posts recently.  I know there are several reasons for this, and I promise to write about that later.  But one of the main reasons for not posting are a lack of ideas.  I've kind of gotten tired of always talking about what we are up to.  Plus, I've been majorly slacking on taking pictures which hasn't helped the cause.  So, I was wondering if anybody had any questions for me?  I don't think I've ever done this before, and I'm not sure if anyone is even reading this anymore.  But if you have any questions for me (I'm pretty much an open book) I'd love to hear them and hopefully inspire me to post more! :)

In other random news, I have still been keeping up with working out!  Although the freaking scale hasn't shown that.  I know I know... I shouldn't base it off of a scale, but if I saw at least some sign of it decreasing that would be a huge motivation, ya know?  Oh well, I know it takes time.  I've got a few things to help me stay motivated like those races I talked about, some trips coming up and my 10 year high school reunion this summer (eek!).  This weekend is the St. Patrick's Day 4 mile run and I'm definitely excited/nervous about it.  I always kill myself in races because it's hard not to want to keep up with people.  I'll let you know how it goes.

This past weekend was another fun one.  Ryan & I went to dinner with some good friends, Jon & Erica, Friday night at some Chinese Buffet (a little scary ha!) and then saw the movie Safe House.  Ryan says it's his favorite movie in a long time.  It was so intense that I had to use the bathroom twice!!  Does that happen to anyone else when you are watching action packed or intense movies??  Of course I didn't snap any pictures.

Then on Saturday we went out to eat with a bunch of friends to celebrate Cynthia's finishing the Missouri Bar and her husband's (Brandon) 31st birthday.  She's already passed the one in California but moved here and had to take Missouri's too!!  That girl is A-mazing.  I'm sure she will pass with flying colors.
Dinner was at Blue Koi in Leawood.  Delicious.

The table behind Brandon sang happy birthday along with us.  Too funny.

Afterwards, we had fun at the Ward Parkway Lanes with a couple of rousing bowling games.  Just for the record... I beat Ryan by one point! ;)  I unfortunately didn't think about getting the camera out so no pictures to prove it.

That was actually the second time Ryan & I have been bowling in the last month.  Before that I can't remember the last time we went.  I forgot how much fun it can be.  When we went a few weeks back with my cousins I beat Ryan again!!  But again, I didn't get the proof on film.  I don't know what I was thinking.
Top: Ryan & Kathy
Bottom: Josh & Matt

Don't you just love Ryan's leg flailing behind him??  I think it's cute.

I had to snap a picture with my bowling ball that had my name on it, and it was even spelled correctly!!  I didn't know there was a Lindsey bowling brand.  Maybe that's a sign that it's my calling to bowl.  Ha!


  1. You were on my mind today so I said a prayer for you and your hubby. Hope all is well! :) I have a hard time blogging lately, too. My brain is not what it used to be. :)

  2. My 10 year reunion is coming up this summer too! Has your class been more organized and already set a date yet? I love bowling, we haven't been for a while. Good to hear from you! And that headlamp Chloe is wearing is from JJ's work - they pass them out like candy at the railroad. :)

  3. I've got a blogging idea for you if you need one. How about doing a 101 in 1001 list? I have one , and they seem to be on lots of other blogs too. It's 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. Just a writing idea.

  4. It sounded like the movie was intense! And, I love hearing what you're up to, obviously.


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