Friday, March 30, 2012

See Ya Later Alligator!

Surprise!  Ryan & I are leaving tomorrow bright and early for a two week vacation! What?!!
I know, crazy right?

We actually booked it really last minute earlier this month.  It's been awhile since our last true vacation back in October for Emily's wedding here, here and here.  I think we both just really needed to get away for awhile and really just decompress.  Two weeks will definitely help you do that.  ;)

So where are we going??  Well, we are flying out early Saturday morning (I mean early) to San Francisco to visit Ryan's cousin Evan and his wife Joannie.  We visited them back when they lived in New York City too here.  We'll be touring the city, visiting Alcatraz and possibly seeing the Red Wood Forest.  In total, we will in in San Fran from Saturday through Tuesday, and then we are boarding a cruise ship!

Princess Star

It will be a 10 day Princess cruise that stops in Catalina Island, overnights in Cabo San Lucas, stops in Puerto Vallarta and then up to San Diego.  I'm so excited because I've never been to any of those places except for Puerto Vallarta where we went for a week last year.  It will be fun to go back and revisit it.

I'll still try to pop on to this blog every now and then so it won't be completely dead for two whole weeks.  And don't worry, Alison is still living with us so we have a built in house and kitty sitter.  :)  Love you Alison.  You're the best!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Before :: Living Room

Ok, here's the before I promised to post yesterday of our living room.  It's not the best photo ever but you get the idea.
I'm so glad we got rid of those blinds!!  And that mint green paint went throughout the living room, eat in kitchen and the kitchen.  To say it was overwhelming would be an understatement.  Especially because it was the glossy version in the kitchen.

I will be posting the eat in kitchen sometime next week.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Before & In Progress :: Living Room

Ok, so there are no befores because I totally forgot to upload them!  I promise to get those posted tomorrow because you wouldn't want to miss out on mint green walls now would you? ;)
(Click here for the before post.)

It's always so hard for me to post pictures of our house when I feel like most of the rooms are so far from being done.  But I think it's good to see where it's at now and then take notes on where I want it to go, and hear your ideas too!  I could always use a second or third opinion.  So here is our living room "in progress".  I'll tell you what we did and then tell you what I would still like to do/change.
As I mentioned above this room used to be mint green so painting was first priority.  We ended up going with a Restoration Hardware color called Ash.  I like the color but after living with it for awhile I think it's just too light.  Maybe someday I'll muster up the energy to repaint it something a little richer.  The windows used to have dark brown blinds that really chopped up the room and made it seem darker.  So we replaced those with bright white curtains that you can open all the way to let the most light in but close at night for privacy.  Down the line we may still put in some white blinds, but right now we are liking the way it looks.

This wall is home to my Grandmother's piano that I grew up playing on at her house.  Someday I want to recover the bench with a fun new fabric to spice it up.
The entryway it through that door opening to the right.

Closer look at the decor around the piano.  I'm not entirely happy with this.  I'm actually trying to get rid of the reds and greens and go more for the blues, greys and yellows.  So this painting will have to go once I find something to replace it. 
The photo in the frame is of me playing this exact piano with my mom when I was little.

Over all this room is coming together but I feel like it's so brown!  It needs something to liven it up, ya know?  I want to add some more fun pillows on the couch and chairs.  (I got the chevron patterned pillows on Etsy.)  Speaking of chairs, down the line those guys are on the list to be recovered.  I think that will really help this room out.  Another idea I had was to add batten board to bring more interest to the walls without being overbearing.  You can't really tell in these pictures but it connects to the eat in kitchen and the walls seem really long.  I think the batten board would really make the rooms seem more connected and really pop.  Check out my inspiration for this room on my pinterest page here.

Another view from the entryway.  The mirror looks off centered above the couch but I promise it's not.  It's just the angle.  I purposely avoided taking pictures of the eat in kitchen but I'll show that room next.  You've probably already seen that from previous pictures anyway.

So do you have any suggestions or ideas for me?  Do share!
I'll be back tomorrow to show you the before pics that I totally forgot to upload.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Trip to the Farm

This past weekend Ryan & I had a lot of fun visiting his parents at their farm in Kansas and his siblings in Wichita/Sterling.  I documented most of the weekend with my iphone via instagram.  If you follow me you've probably already seen most of this pictures but if you don't I'm posting these here for you! :)  You can follow me by searching my user name ebrigl or by going here.

Susan is forever updating her living room.  Remember her silver theme here?  This time she added a bunch of fun, bright spring colors.  She even dyed her couch yellow!

Pretty much all day Friday I went around and snapped fun pictures of farm life.  It's so nice to just relax and soak up the country.
Avatar the tag along cat.  He goes where ever you go.

Feeding Betty the lone surviving chicken.

Betty's excited because she is about to get a whole new house!  Where she's standing is going to be a pretty sweet chicken coup.  Once it's finished Betty will get a whole bunch of new friends.

And of course Annie the family dog.  She loves Ryan so much!  I've never seen a dog get so excited to see a person before.

After a lazy day we some how managed to work up an appetite and moseyed on over to Little River to eat at the famous Fat Boyz.  Apparently they have the best hamburger's in the area.  They tasted great to me and I LOVED the sweet potato fries.

Afterwards, Sally & I rounded out the evening with some sidewalk chalk art.

And one more picture of Avatar trying to figure out how to get out of the tree. Ha!

The next day we headed to Wichita to visit Sean & Emily (and of course their dog Charlie).
Emily & Charlie outside of their adorable home.

They took us on a tour of the area and Ryan about caused a wreck when he saw this.  He pulled over and made me take a picture of the original Pizza Hut.  It's no longer operating. :(

Sean & Emily live near a really awesome park that even has a miniature zoo in it.  It was such a nice day out that Sally & I got a little crazy playing around in the park.

We met up with one of Ryan's cousins, her kids and Aunt Allan for lunch, and I totally forgot to take a picture! 
Then went over to Uncle Alan & Aunt Linda's place to check it out since I've never seen the inside.  Amazing!  It was like my dream house.  And I got to meet this sweet little guy named Henry.  I wanted to take him home with me!

When we got back to the farm Ryan's parents had started a bonfire so that we could have a weenie roast.  It was the perfect night for it. 

Father & Son

What's a bonfire without S'mores??

I'll never forget that special night.  Especially the girls (Susan, Sally & I) all dancing around the fire singing Adele songs.  I'm sure we looked crazy to any onlookers.  Ha!

All and all, it was a wonderful weekend with family enjoying each other and the beautiful weather.  I'd say it was pretty perfect.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Emily's Baby Shower

This past weekend was a sweet friend of mine's baby shower celebrating their first baby.  I've known Emily since college but got to know her more in the years following.  I remember meeting her in my Public Speaking class and then again when we volunteered at an after school program for elementary school kids.  It wasn't until I started working for my current company that I meet her husband Jordan when we both started in the same group at the same time.  It was then that we all bonded.  :)  It really felt like an extension of college because we had so much fun living in Bartlesville with them and several other K-Staters.

We've since moved but have kept in touch and even went to the lake together this past summer.  Emily's parents still live in Kansas City so she flew in to be showered with love and gifts.  I was so excited to see her and her growing belly.  She's due in June and they have decided not to find out what they are having until then!  That takes some major will power!  I can't wait to meet their little one soon.

So since they didn't know what they are having it was a very cute gender neutral baby shower.  Emily loves the color orange and has inadvertently gone with an owl theme.  She said she just wanted a couple of owl things but then it blew up from there but she loves it.  She cracked me up when she said that their child will probably be terrified of owls now.  Haha!
The gorgeous table spread.  I loved the table cloth!

The classic diaper cake and you can see some of the owl theme going on.

This cake was to die for!  It's from our local grocery store, Hen House, and it had the most delicious lemon filling!

The flowers were from Hen House too!

One of the things we did was fill out a little card to the baby so Emily could read through them later and save them for when their baby gets older.  Funny story, I totally didn't listen or apparently read the "Dear Baby" part and wrote it to Emily!!  When I figured it out and told Emily we just died laughing.  I think it will be a special one just for her. :)

This was also a very fun game.  I loved that it was multiple choice so I didn't have to fill in the blanks.  Although, it still didn't help me get very many of the answers!

Emily (in pink) along with some of the guests trying to figure out the answers.

She definitely scored in the present department!  She was almost buried.

The sound machine that Ryan & I got her.  Ryan went straight for the electronics at the store.

I'm just highlighting a few of my favorite gifts.  Emily received the most gorgeous water colors in three frames for the nursery with owls on them.  They were so beautiful!  I need to get the name of the artist.

How freaking cute is this little owl hat???

Emily & I
I had to wear green because it was St. Patrick's Day!
I miss my friend but am so happy for her! 

I can't wait to visit you, Jordan and your baby in Houston sometime this year!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Pattys!

I never updated you guys on my 4 mile run from a week ago.  Yes, I did complete it without walking!  There were some killer hills so I was questioning halfway through if I was indeed going to make it without walking.  But I made it!!  There were so many people that packed the streets of Westport that I was dodging people, strollers and cars!  It was still a lot of fun seeing a sea of green and the crazy costumes.  People watching helped pass the time during the run.  :)

I believe I met my goal of running 10 minute miles.  The official time from the race was 40 minutes and 4 seconds, but my Nike + said that the race course was actually more like 4.07 miles and it said that I ran it under 40 minutes.  A friend of mine also said that his running program (a different one) said that the race course was 4.06 miles so I firmly believe that I ran good solid 10 minute miles.  :)  That's me above about to finish above.  I'm number #872 right under the middle striped flag.

In other St. Patty's Day news, my Aunt Cindy decided to host another Poker Tournament at her house that night.  Everybody had to come dressed in green (or their buy in would be higher!) and bring green food.  Ryan & I didn't have a lot of time to create something fun because we had other things going on that day (like a baby shower I'll post about later).  So we decided on caramel apples!  I've been wanting to make these forever!
Ryan cleaning the apples and poking the sticks into them.  I couldn't find popsicle sticks anywhere.  After I bought these "way too long" sticks someone told me I could get them at Michael's.  Oh well!

Mmmmm so delicious

Luckily, unwrapping all the caramels and microwaving them didn't take too long.  Dipping them in the bowl and transferring them to the pan was messing though!

They were so good and were a hit at the party!

Ryan playing poker with the ladies.  There were a bunch of women there from my golf league.  It was so fun to see them again especially because we are about to start that up next month.  I'm excited!

My poker table.
It's so hard to get quality pictures in a basement!

I made it to the final table!!  And guess what??  I got second place on my second time ever playing Poker. Ha!  Ryan was so proud.  :)  (I was happy to just beat him!)

My Uncle John was the winner and he totally gloated about it.  There's always next year John!!! I'm after you!

It was such a fun night.   I love my family!!