Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Papa & Meme!

Today is Ryan's grandpa's 84th birthday!  Papa is doing well and still as ornery as ever.  :)  Sadly, he's feeling a little under the weather today so he can't enjoy his big day to the fullest.  We will just rain check his celebrations for another day.  Susan (his daughter) made the sweetest picture below.  She included Papa's wife (affectionately called Meme) because her birthday was just over a week ago.  I never got to meet Meme but I've heard all about how wonderful she was.  There's actually a really fun story about how Ryan & I's Grandmothers knew each other way back when.  I'll save that for another day. 

Just in case you can't read this it says: "He spotted her on a bus, followed her and got off the bus when she did.  Luckily for dad he knew one of her friends and the rest is history.  You both are loved!"  So sweet!!
(Doesn't young Papa kind of look like Ryan?!)

We've been celebrating a lot of birthdays around here.  My good friend, Lindsey's, was on Jan. 29th, my SIL, Emily's, birthday was on Jan. 30th, and my FIL, Harlan's, birthday was on Feb. 3rd!  I actually have a fun post coming about Harlan's big 6-0 birthday bash we had at our place this past weekend.  Stay tuned!

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  1. He does look like Ryan!!  That is a really sweet picture and story.  


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