Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catching Up

The last couple of months we have filled our time with family and friends.  We are just soaking them all up!  For whatever reason I've been horrible about taking pictures of our lives lately.  I'm trying to get back into the habit because I know I will regret not having them down the road.

I'm just going to highlight some fun stuff we've been doing recently in a list.  Because I love lists!

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  • Ryan ran in our first running event of the year called Battle of the Bean in early February.  It's a really fun run that's close to our house and started at Foos Fabulous Frozen Custard.  We had gotten out of the habit of running, and I'd say this jump started it for us again.  I chose not to run in this event because it was super early on a Saturday morning and it was freezing!!  Plus, neither one of us had trained for the 5K.  Ryan is just crazy and will still run without any preparation.  :)  He really just did it so he could run with his buddies from church. 
Ryan (our awesome pastor), Jim, John, Greg, Brit & (my) Ryan
(image from my friend Kristen)

I was a little sad to have missed out on such a fun run but it inspired me to sign up for a few more runs in the coming months.  Some of the ones I will or have signed up for are the St. Patrick's Day Run (March) in Westport area, the Trolley Run (April) in the Brookside area and possible Hospital Hill (June) in KC, MO if I'm in shape enough.  :)  Knowing that I have these events to look forward to helps me to stay committed to training.  I'm only running 2 to 3 times a week currently and doing group exercises 2 to 3 times a week at the Matt Ross Community Center.  I'm really trying hard to get back into shape.  So far so good!  One thing that has really helped me with my runs is the Nike + app on my phone.  It's amazing!  It will track all your runs, tell you your pace and map out where you have been.  The app even talks to you to let you know during your run how far you've gone and if you are about to beat your previous record.  You don't even need a little shoe pod anymore to track your speed!  Definitely worth checking it out at $1.99.

  • I still need to snag a picture of Brad & Lindsey's new house!  They moved out of our place and into their's over the New Year weekend so I'm majorly slacking.  In other news, we have another temporary roommate!  Ryan thinks it's a sign that we should open up a hotel or something. Ha!  But seriously, we are so excited to help out another loved one.  This time it's Ryan's cousin, Alison.  She sold her previous home last summer and has been looking for a house ever since.  Ali still hasn't decided on the best location to commit to so by living with us a few more months it will buy her extra time to figure that out.  It's been fun checking out houses with her.  I LOVE touring homes.  In addition to her day job she also is the creator of Gimme Some Oven.  She has fabulous recipes on there and beautiful photographs of her creations to boot!  So you better believe we are reaping the benefits of that! :)
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  • Lastly, one of my good friends, Kara, has just recently became a rep for the Wildtree products.  Have you heard of them?  I hadn't before I went to last nights party.  All I knew was that Kara had been raving about these all natural, no preservatives, no additives, no MSG or Dyes and low sodium delicious foods.  I found it kind of hard to believe her that the food was so good.  But I have been craving healthier food and wanted to check it out.  One of the best things about this line of food is all their super easy recipes.  You can just plug in an ingredient you have on hand to their website and it will list all the recipes to go with it.  I'm always looking for convenience but that doesn't always lend to healthy eating.  It's exciting to think that this is a way to blend the two.  I just placed my first order and should be getting it in about 10 days.  I'll let you know how it goes once I start using the products.  If you want more information check our Kara's website here.   She in no way asked me to do this, but I was just excited about these foods after trying them at her party and thought I would pass it along.  So gooooood!
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  1. I miss running! Way to get back into it! I have the Nike iPod shoe thing and love it. Definitely makes running more enjoyable when u can hear how far u have gone and at what pace. I also love that it tells u when u have beat a record. :) that food sounds great u will have to let me know how it is once u receive ur order! I've never heard of it before but checked out the link u posted on twitter only thing is I couldn't tell if it had tree nuts in it. I have such a hard time buying package anything with LBs allergies so I have had to cook almost everything we eat from stratch.

    1. The Wildtree products are great for food allergies. It's something they boast on. I've read that they have no nuts in any of their products or even manufacturer. Check out this article

  2. That sweatshirt Ryan is wearing makes me mad. I loved my AX one from that year but it disappeared at the house. BUMMER!

  3. Good lookin group of guys! I'm so proud of you for all the runs you've signed up for, makes me want to get my lazy butt up and do something. :)

  4. Major props to you runners! My knees and shins are happier on the elliptical- although not as scenic.

    Thanks girlie for the Wildtree shout-out. You make me sound so good!!! ha ha. In response to Kelley's concern about tree nuts: Their products now have NO NUTS period. They DID have a few products still in some people's pantries that had some tree nuts (so some lists online might show a few of them to have it just for those people that bought them in the past), but no new products on the market have nuts or ever will have nuts. This is because the brand was started by a mom in Rhode Island whose kids had severe food allergies and restrictions. She started making her own preservative-free blends and it took off like wildfire. It was started on the basis of simple, healthy, quick meals. (that her own kids could eat!) So they want it to be food anybody's kids could eat.

    Allergen list:

    The reason we still show items on the Allergen List that contain nuts is because those items may still be in the marketplace (your homes) and are not past their expiration date yet.


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