Friday, February 10, 2012

60 Never Looked Better

On Sunday Ryan & I had the privilege of hosting Harlan's 60th birthday party.  We had a ton of help from Ryan's family bringing decorations and side dishes.  It was the first time that we have had most of Ryan's family over to our place.  There's just something special about having a bunch of family all gathered together in one place.  I think Harlan had a blast and we successfully celebrated his birth.
Sally hand made this delightful birthday banner that was perfect over the fireplace.

Susan & Sally even brought some playful chicken pillows to help spice our our couch in the den.  Love them!

View of the decor in the living room.
(I'm still planning to post pics of our house really soon!  It's just hard to time taking the pictures in good lighting these days.)

The festivities in the kitchen, a great common area for congregating.

Time to blow out the candles on the cake that Susan lovingly made for her hubby.  It's her famous chocolate cake that is to die for.  We couldn't bare to mess it up with 60 candles so we stuck in 6 instead.  I don't think Harlan minded.  60 candles would be pretty hard to blow out in one breath!

Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

The onlookers.

I had to include this sweet picture of Leaha (Ryan's cousin's daughter).

I made everyone go outside in the cold for a group picture.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get everyone in one shot!  This is also a cute shot of Parker pointing something out while I was trying to set up the tripod.

The winning shot!

Apparently my camera was setup to take several pictures in a row and I didn't realize it.  I was running back to the camera so that we could take another picture without realizing it was still shooting.  This picture made me realize I need to hit the gym more and cut out the soda!  Holy cow double chin!!

always have to take a silly photo too

Afterwards, it was time to open presents.  One of Harlan's siblings gave him this hilarious cane.  He put on his glasses for added effect. Ha!

Lots of great goodies from the fam.

This gift was the hit of the night.  It was a remote controlled helicopter!!  I don't think the boys stopped playing with it all night.

Too funny.

Cute little video of Ryan learning how to fly it.  It's kind of loud in the beginning, just a warning.


  1. The banner looks great! And have you had the privilege of learning that cake recipe??? Must share one of these days! :) You most certainly DO NOT need to up your game at the look beautiful!

  2. What a fantastic party! I am glad you could host it : ) The cake looks UNBELIEVABLE! Yum. Perfection : )

  3. Oh goodness I want that cake right now :) you look great girl! Don't believe otherwise. Cannot wait for a home tour I bet it is just beautiful in there.


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