Monday, January 23, 2012

Puppy Love

Ok, so you guys know that we are a cat family currently.  Everybody asks us when we plan to get a dog but the thought of adding another animal to our household right now seems like too much.  We would love to have a dog at some point if we can ever agree on what kind we want.  Ryan loves big outdoor dogs and I love small indoor dogs.  At this point, we both agree that we want to wait until we have kids and they get a little older and would appreciate a new puppy.  We'll see if that happens but so far we've done pretty good holding out.  Ha!

We will just live vicariously through our friends dogs.  For instance, how cute is our friend's, Jon & Erica, dog Lucy?!  Those eyes kill me.

I snapped this little video on my phone while we were over at their place to watch the K-State bowl game (fail).  She was cracking us all up!

This past weekend our good friends, Brandon & Cynthia, just made the parental leap with adopting two puppies!  We had fun watching them play and stealing cuddles with them.
This is Taco a dachshund schnauzer mix.

And this little cutie is Tommy Trojan (named after their alma mater).  He's a mutt and such a good cuddler!

I just had to throw in a sweet picture of Yogi for good measure, just in case you all thought I had changed my mind.  ;) 


  1. Such cute puppies :) we have always gone back in forth about a dog too bc I only want indoor and W only wants out. Maybe one day when the kids are bigger we can settle our debate and get a dog :)

  2. You can practice with my dogs.  No really...please?  Ha!

  3. this did not help my strong desire to get a puppy! hahaha Thanks a lot! haha Loving your blog! You and your hubs are adorable!


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