Thursday, December 15, 2011

Monday Night Football

So this post is majorly delayed.  I have a few coming up that for whatever reason have taken me awhile to get around to post.  Back on Halloween (ya I know) Brad, Lindsey, Ryan & I got tickets from a sweet friend to the Chief's game against the San Diego Chargers.  I think it's the best NFL football game I've ever been to!  It was a close game the whole time, and even thought we were for sure going to lose at one point.  But the Chiefs pulled it out in overtime and won!  It was also a really fun night because it was on Halloween, and everybody was dressed in costumes.  It made for some great people watching.  :)

Before the game we went to Lindsey's family's tailgate to grab some grub and hangout for a bit.  Well, Lindsey's dad had a little surprise in store for us.
Check out this costume Reed came up with on his own!  Can you tell what it is??

It's a man standing on his hands!  But really Reed is still standing normal he just dressed himself backwards and put a head on the shirt!!  Hahaha!

We had a good long laugh.  Reed is always the life of the party.  :)

The view of the tailgate next to the stadium.  Notice Ryan to the left is never too far away from his Mountain Dew.

The view from our seats.

I always love watching the pregame and halftime performances.

Just a short clip of pregame to give an idea of how energetic it gets in the stadium.  It's such a blast!

Ryan, Me, Lindsey & Brad

We don't go to a lot of games but Monday night football + Halloween + winning the game = The best game I've ever been to!


  1. It took me the longest time to try and figure out that costume! Ha! The pictures of the stadium are gorgeous.

  2. Awe, that is a fun time! I've never been to an NFL game but I sure would like to!


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