Thursday, December 29, 2011

Project Christmas

This Christmas was spent with Ryan's family back in his home town smack in the middle of Kansas.  It really isn't too far of a drive so it's pretty easy to pop over there.  Ryan's grandpa and my mom were able to come with us and made it that much more special.  This was the first time the whole gang has been together since Sean & Emily's wedding.

I am about about to blast you with a ton of pictures.  Just a forewarning.  :)
Ryan's family (especially Susan) completely out did themselves!  Susan was calling it "Project Christmas".  They overhauled the house with a silver themed Christmas.  I think about every room got silverized.  I think I just made up a word.  It was so gorgeous!!  They are about to completely renovate their home this next year so they didn't mind spray painting everything.  In the above picture, the chairs, table, doors, light fixture, and center pieces got painted including the screen print on the wall.  AND she made new curtains and dyed the place mats.  I'm exhausted just talking about it.

I LOVED the Charlie Brown Christmas tree that they cut down from their farm.  Notice the new silver fireplace.

Silver walls & lighting and new pillows.  She is amazing!

Silver table with Christmas cards and antique family toys.

Sally & Mary

A closer look at the table.

Even the kitchen got revamped for Christmas.

Susan & her son

I loved all the fresh greenery around the house that they cut from their own farm.

Papa was enjoying all the gorgeous decorations.

We even got to meet Sean & Emily's new family member, Charlie.  He was HUGE but the sweetest dog you have ever met.

Charlie getting some love from his dad.

Annie, the farm dog, had to get in the action too.  She is the sweetest farm dog you'll ever meet.  :)  And she loves Ryan.  I will have to post a video soon of the noises she makes because she gets so excited to see Ryan.  Excuse Ryan's getup... We were about to go on a family walk and it was pretty chilly out.  See the snow on the ground?!

The next day we had a delish meal prepared by Susan, and with our belly's full we opened presents.  For the past several years we've done secret Santa so that you don't have to get presents for everybody.  It's been really nice because we set a spending limit, and we also make lists of things we want so people know what to get.
Here's Emily doing her best impression of the American Gothic painting.  Ryan was her secret Santa.  Do you like how he wrapped her gift with pink trash bags? Ha!

Harlan showing off his loot.

Harlan had Susan as his secret Santa for two years in a row.  I think he did pretty good!

Ever since Ryan got an iPad for his birthday he has been obsessed with it.  I've definitely taken a back seat. ;)  All he wanted from his secret Santa was an itune gift card so he could buy more apps for it.  Too funny.

I had Sean for my secret Santa and all he wanted was KU stuff.  It pained me to buy those things but since I love Sean I stomached it.  But still had to make it funny with an awesome knitted hat and snuggle.

I think Sean was excited.

Sweet Sally.

Me getting excited over baking accessories. 
(Do you see Papa snoozing in the background?)

Sally had my mom and she was explaining all the fun little gifts she got her.

Papa enjoying his new book.  I swear he goes through a book a day sometimes.

To top it all off, Papa had his own little Christmas gift to share with all of us...  We all about died!  This is so Papa.

Later Papa wanted to try out some yoga moves I was showing him.  I was pretty impressed with his flexibility!

Ryan snapped a pic of us all enjoying the dessert that Susan & Emily made us.

Ryan & I

Mom & I

We always have to play a game or two, and Sean brought us a new one that was like charades that involved Lego's.  I think Ryan was in heaven.  This was the boys after the game was over just playing.

Ryan was proud of his creation.

We had a wonderful Christmas, and both agreed it was the best one we could remember!


  1. I love your picture overload posts! They are the best! It honestly looks like you had a lovely time! Doesn't look stressfull at all!

  2. I love how Susan silverized the place- looks awesome! Papa cracks me up, that picture is hilarious!!! We've played that game "creationary"- fun.

  3. I love all the silver accents... I might have to " borrow" that idea for next year :)
    But, my favorite pic is of Papa showing off is Christmas undies!!! That's classic! Merry Christmas!


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