Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Party

This year has been lots of fun going to holiday parties and spreading the Christmas cheer.  My good friend, Kara, had an awesome Hot Coco bar party, and she wrote a blog post about it here.  I totally forgot to take pictures.

I don't know what got into us but Ryan & I decided to throw a Christmas party the week before the actual Christmas.  We made a bunch of food, invited lots of friends and they brought treats so we were in abundance!
This isn't even all of it!

We had a blast mingling, listening to Christmas music and watching K-State basketball dominate.  We are so blessed to have such amazing friends to fellowship with.  
Rob & Jack

Cynthia & Michelle

Matt & Brandon

Brandon, Matt & Britt  (such goobers ha!)

Matt made me retake the picture because he said he looked ridiculously short in the last pic.  Haha!

Wendy & Jessica

Graham, Cody & Beth

Megan, Phil, the Hubs & Kara

We've been friends since high school!  I can't even believe that our 10 year reunion is coming up this summer.

Greg & David lounging and watching the game.

Britt & Carly

Brad, Dave, Britt & Jim

Lindsey & Meg

Me & Michelle (love this girl)

The boys crack my up with their high collars.

Matt & Kara in front of our tree!

We are still pinching ourselves that we're back home and able to do life with these people.  Sadly, we missed a lot of people that couldn't come because of going to the game or had other Christmas plans.  Hopefully we can all get together again soon!


  1. Looks like a great turn out! Sorry we missed it. :(

  2. You always take fun photos. I might have to steal that one of Wendy and me if you don't mind. Fun party!

  3. All that food makes me hungry!! You are a brave girl for throwing a party so close to Christmas. Every year I say I'm finally going to host one and then chicken out at the last minute because I get so overwhelmed. Looks like you guys had a great night though!

  4. I LOVE Christmas parties! Although, having kids opens you up to less parties. Bah humbug! All that food looks so good!

  5. You are such a hostess with the mostest!! I always wish I could host a Christmas party, but chicken out! Maybe I'll do it next year :)


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