Wednesday, December 21, 2011

At the Request of Papa

A few weeks ago we had my mom, Ryan's sister, Emily, and his Papa over for dinner and a special treat.  Papa gets on these kicks where he talks about something until he gets it  (i.e. food).  Now I know where Ryan gets that from.  :)  Papa's latest obsession has been the fact that he can't find funnel cakes anywhere.  I think Emily found a place that sells them year round but it was a little to far away for him.  Well, it just so happened the other day while we were at Bed Bath & Beyond Ryan spotted a do-it-yourself Funnel Cake Mix.  (BBB&Y has everything!)  After a few months of hearing about these scrumptious cakes Ryan snatched it up off the shelf and declared that we would be making these that night.

So we got some of the family together to partake in the festivities!
Emily graciously offered to create the goodness.

The kit was great because it came with everything you needed except for the oil & powdered sugar.

The master at work.

Ryan putting the finishing touches on aka powdered sugar.

Papa finally diving into his precious Funnel Cake.

Here's a short clip of him enjoying his dessert.  After the first bit he let out a big "mmmmmm" and I told him he needed to recreate that for the camera.  Instead, he let us know that we needed to put syrup on top. Ha!  Also the clip is sideways and I couldn't figure out how to turn it.  Ooops!

They were really good and pretty easy to make!  Would definitely recommend the kit at BBB&Y.


  1. Yep, yep - we went through a phase of making funnel cakes at home too. They actually are fairly easy and they are so yummy!!

  2. Um, those looks tasty and VERY unhealthy!!!!


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