Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vegas Baby Part 1

I'm finally getting around to posting the long awaited Vegas pictures.  Well, at least long awaited for my mom.  :)  I have a long list of things I've been wanting to blog about, and I plan to knock those out soon.

This first thing I always start with on vacation posts is where we stayed!  This was our lush pad at the Hilton Grand Vacations Hotel right on the strip.
I really liked the color scheme.

Jacuzzi in the room!

The bathroom was fabulous.

We flew out ridiculously early from KC and with the time changed we arrived in Vegas around 7:30am.  As soon as we checked out where we were staying we had to find a breakfast joint.  We really wanted to try out the highly recommended Peppermill but randomly it was closed for cleaning??  Oh well, luckily there was a Denny's near by to save the day.  My mom was excited.

Afterwards, we walked back to our hotel to change into more comfortable shoes to prepare for a day of walking the strip.

We came here after a long day of walking to enjoy the hot tubs.

But that was only after a very long day of trying to take in all the sights.  We didn't even see half of the strip!!
Treasure Island

My friend, Lindsey, asked me to gamble her $5 at the Venetian on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

This was the first gamble of the trip so we were hoping to have beginners luck.

No such luck...  Oh well, there's always next time! :)

Mom & I at the Venetian over looking the Mirage.

Mom really liked the moving walkways.  I've never seen them go up and down before.  They are normally just flat.

There was so much to see it was incredible.  My mom had to stop to get a pic with the wax version of Harrison Ford.

We were so overwhelmed by all the sights.  There is just nothing like this in the whole world!

We decided to take a quick break from walking and try our luck at gambling again in the Mirage.  We found what would be our favorite game of the whole trip, Deal or No Deal.  It was pretty fun and I even netted $25!  :)

Here we are at Caesar's Palace shopping tunnels or whatever they are called.

Their aquarium was one of the many free sights that was on our list to see.

I just can't describe how gigantic everything was.  I mean these hotels/casinos are as big as a city block!  You can see like 3 hotels and have walked three miles!  Ok, maybe not that far but close.

I think one of my favorite hotels was the Wynn.  So gorgeous and it had a really neat (and free) water show that I forgot to get a picture of.

We headed to dinner to meet up with family & friends at one of the many restaurants in the Wynn.  Then we called it at night.  That two hour time change did us in.  Stay tuned for the trip wrap up!


  1. That hotel looks awesome! I loved the Wynn too. My mom and I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday, so looking at all your pictures brings back happy memories for me. I will always treasure that trip with her. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!

  2. That was the Wynn? Dang... we musta missed that room. Reminds me of the seasonal garden inside the Bellagio.

  3. So fun! You're hotel looks awesome and I love that it had a kitchen in it. What a fun trip :)

  4. That last photo of you and Ryan is gorgeous! Looks like a x-mas card pic!

  5. Um wow, who knew stuff like that existed over there! Q has been to vegas once and he HATED it, so I have no idea if I will ever get there! lol

  6. What fun! We visited Vegas a couple years ago and LOVED it (way more than we thought we would.) Great shots! Your mom is such a cool lady to go to Vegas with you. ;)


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