Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kersten's Oktoberfest

Ryan & I's good friends, Matt & Kara, host an annual Oktoberfest over the weekend of Halloween.  This was their third year and in my opinion the best yet!  For whatever reason I had a hankering for Popcorn Balls and wanted to take them to the party.  It's a family tradition to make them around the holidays.  So I bribed my mom to come over and make them for me help me make them.

It requires a lot of delicious molasses.  My mom likes to get a specific kind from southern Missouri where she's from.

Then you cook it with sugar until it becomes like a candy consistency.

Pour over freshly popped popcorn.

Butter your hands and start forming those balls (without burning your hands)!  I forgot to take any "after" pictures.

Then it was time to get ready for the party and throw on our costumes that we got very last minute.

Here's a quick hint of what we were.  Can you guess why we spray painted Ryan's hair white?

He was Papa Smurf and I was Smurfette

This was my favorite party of the costume besides the sweet beard.

Matt & Kara went all out on Oktoberfest decorations.  There was no detail left out.

Even the twins, Brighton & Violet, came to party... Well sort of...

I think Kara's mom, Vicky, is ready for some grandchildren!

Smurf couple.  Not the cutest costumes but they were comfy!

Kara & I

The hosts Matt & Kara

The party was actually on Ryan's 29th birthday and our good friends, Dave & Michelle, were so sweet to bring him a chocolate cake with candles to blow out.  Love those guys!


Jon & Greg
Kara totally out did herself with this!  It's supposed to be Matt, Kara and their little dog.  It was so funny to see everyone getting pictures with it.

Ryan & Mark

Greg and baby Annie

I think Cynthia and Brandon's costumes were the best. (see below)

Got to love Slash's midriff!

Hopefully next year we can get more people to dress up!


  1. Do the Potter's go to church with you guys too??? I bet those popcorn balls were amazing! And the sleeping babies - too precious!

  2. Ha, fun times for sure. FOR SURE!!!! I want that pop corn ball, but I'm REALLY trying to be good these days. Ach!


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