Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Please Stay Awhile

I am so enjoying this Fall season and praying that it stays longer then last year.  I really want to get out and snap some fall foliage pictures before it's all on the ground.  Since my schedule hasn't really allowed for that yet I settled for a quick pic of one of our trees in the backyard from my phone.
I could stare out my back window all day if my job allowed it.

In other news, look what is happening to our (used to be) pretty pumpkins!!  Remember when we first got them?

This fat little guy has been making a meal out of them, like breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Check out the gut on that guy and his thick neck!  It's sort of hard to tell from this pic since I took it from my phone and through our window screen.  Have you ever seen such a chubby squirrel?? 

He must have invited all his friends and family because they have gone to town.  It sort of looks like we carved our pumpkins from a distance, but sadly the squirrels got to do it before we did. :(  We left them for Halloween since they kind of look creepy but tossed them the day after.  I think next year we are going to have to go with fake ones or maybe paint them so they aren't edible for all the woodland creatures.  Ha!

How did everybody elses pumpkins turn out?  Has this happened to you guys before?
Have a great weekend!


  1. That guy is fat nasty! And he's ruining the pumpkin that you could bake and turn into bread, muffines, scones... ENDLESS possibilities! Not cool at all! We've had 3 big snows so yah, goodbye fall!

  2. We have a squirrel that fat too!!!! He ate a huge hole into our pumpkin and would stick his whole body inside to scrape all the seeds out into a huge pile and eat them! He's as big as Jager. Someone told me to spray hair spray on the pumpkins before you put them out to keep the squirrels away...I'll have to try that next year.

  3. Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! I can honestly say that I have never seek a squirrel do that. No wonder he is so chubby! :) Too funny.

  4. We haven't had a pumpkin since the first year we lived in our house. The DAY after I put it outside, a squirrel had made its home inside the pumpkin, haha! Looks like Kara's party was fun. I was out of town and sad to miss it! Looks like you are having a good Fall.
    XOXO, Megan


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