Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sean & Emily's Love Day

**Forewarning - Lots of pictures to follow**

I'm going to kind of do this backwards.  Our trip started in Vegas and ended in Zion for the wedding but I'm blogging about Zion first.  Why?  Because everyone's asking about the wedding!  Unfortunately, I don't have that many pictures of it since I was in the wedding but once the professional (holla Elise!) pictures come out I will definitely post more.

First lets just take in the beauty that is Zion in Springdale, UT at sunset.  This was the location of my SIL Emily & her now husband Sean's wedding.

It was a destination wedding and there was a great turn out!  There were loads of family and friends all having an incredible time drinking in the sights and festivities.
We arrived on Saturday and had a short time to relax before getting ready for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Emily & Sean's wedding was on a Sunday which I loved.  Sundays are the best days.   This was our back drop during the wedding.  Can you say gorgeous??

Sean's dad is an amazing cook and caterer.  So it was only natural for him to grill us up our dinner right there in the park.  Everything was absolutely perfect!

Then the sun started to set and everybody was mesmerized by the sights.

The Virgin river flowing right behind us.

Of course this called for a photo op.  Emily walked over this bridge the next day to greet her soon to be husband.

My mom and I about to head back to our villa.
Speaking of our villa, you have to check it out here.  We stayed at the Cliffrose Lodge in the Hummingbird Villa, and it was perfect for all the immediate family to stay together.  You have to check out the pictures of it!
The next morning we woke up early so that we could get in a hike before all the wedding activities began.  The wedding started at 4:00pm that day.   So my mom, the hubs and I ventured off to check out some of the trails offered by the Zion National Park.

We ended up going on several different ones because a few of them were not for beginners and we were time limited.  By all the trails displayed these gorgeous views.

It was a little chilly that early in the morning and whenever we hiked in the shade of the mountains as you can tell from the picture above of my mom and Ryan.

I can't believe that that little river down there created all those crevices.

Of course anytime we are near something we could fall off Ryan has to take a "falling" picture.

There were a lot of switch backs that got us all pretty winded.

Stopped to take a short break and admire the views.

So stunning.

I have so many pictures that is was hard to narrow them down for this post!

I love this picture with my mom in it.

We were even graced by the presence of a few ram!

Ok, so they weren't this close to us but I have a really good zoom lens!

We kept seeing these trail markers called cairns.  So Ryan decided to build himself one.  I don't think he was doing it right.  ;)

Good views = Lots of photo ops

I really should have taken some pictures of the crazy paths that made us turn back.  Let's just say they were not wide enough to put your feet side by side and required you to hang on by a chain!  Ryan & I definitely want to go back some time and really dedicate a few days to climbing some challenging trails.   Some day!

Afterwards, we rushed back to get ready for the ceremony and take pictures.  These are basically the only pictures I took since I was in the wedding and then my battery died at the reception.  :(

I love this picture with Papa surrounded by family.  They were all trying to make Aunt Evelyn look big in this picture since she's so tiny and tends to hide in pictures.

I have to give a shout out to my SIL, Sally's, best friend Elise.  She was asked to take the wedding pictures, and she rose to the challenge.  She was freaking amazing all weekend.  I don't know how she did it, and I can't wait to see some of the hundreds of pictures she took.

Elise you are amazing!!

The rest of these pictures I swiped of Facebook since it's the only documentation of the wedding and the bridesmaid dresses right now.  That's why they aren't the best quality.

You can kind of see the gorgeous bluish greenish dresses.  This was Harlan reading scripture during the ceremony.

I just had to share this picture.  How amazing is this??  Emily had her dress made especially for her, and it was perfect.  I couldn't have dreamed up a better dress for her.

The one and only shot of the reception I took of FB.  I love the pure joy of this madly in love couple holding up their freshly signed marriage certificate.  They are just the sweetest couple ever!

I can't wait to get my hands on more pictures of the wedding and especially the gorgeous outdoor reception.  I'll definitely share those when I get them.  It was such an amazing time that the whole family will never forget.  

We love you Sean & Emily.  Look forward to seeing your faces a lot more now that you are home in Kansas again!!


  1. Oh my lanta those pictures are beautiful! What a gorgeous place to have a wedding!

  2. Great photos!!!!! WOW, so pretty! I'm loving the amount, but could always see more!


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