Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Smatherings

I feel like it's been forever since I've just updating on life.  Most of my blogs recently have just been about activities that the hubs and I have partaken in.  This will be pretty random but I just wanted to get some of these things down to document life.  Because, after all, that is what this blog is for.

(Side note: There will be random pictures of my cat Yogi thru out this post to spice it up.  Plus, isn't he so cute?!  He puts himself in all these situations.  We did not have anything to do with it.  Just found him like that.  Ha!)

  :: I know I've been in a major funk lately but I'm slowly starting to feel my old spunk returning.  In fact,  I just imed my husband this morning saying "I'm going to get skinny and decorate our house!".  Random, but feeling motivated.  Ha!

  :: In terms of "getting skinny", my plan is to drink a TON of water so that I won't be as temped to grab that Dr. Pepper that's calling my name, be more active most days of the week then not and cutting out all the sweets at least until my SIL's wedding in October.

  :: I've been at a major stand still with my house as of late.  I am drawing a blank on how to finish almost all of the rooms.  However, I feel as though I've turned a corner and have been incredible inspired by this blog, especially this post and this post.  We can do it!!

  :: Speaking of decorating... it's September and it's time to drag out the fall decorations!  I can't wait to sip hot apple cider while snuggling next to the hubs on a cool night.

  :: Speaking of Fall, I am so ready for this heat to disappear.  It was seriously 104 degrees here yesterday... in September!!  I've never been so ready for a summer to be over with.  It's really effected my exercise routine.  Who wants to die of a heat stroke while trying to run in this blazing hot humidity??

  :: We've definitely been keeping ourselves busy since moving back to our home state.  It's pretty much been a whirl wind and we are finally trying to slow ourselves down and just enjoy life.  My golf league is getting close to wrapping up which will free up a night each week.  That will be nice.  :)

  :: A few random other things going on currently, our friends Brad & Lindsey are under contract on both their house in Houston and their new house here!  Ryan & I will be hosting a small group at our house that will be starting pretty soon that will last 6 weeks.  We are pretty nervous about it but our pastor has been very encouraging.  Heck, it's only 6 weeks right?  How bad can we screw it up? :)  My sister-in-law's, Emily, wedding is coming up fast.  We've booked our hotel for half of the stay and need to book the rest.  We are so looking forward to seeing where Emily & Sean live, spending time soaking in our surroundings and celebrating their love for each other.

  :: And finally, I've been thinking about doing a post about our daily life.  I think it would be interesting to do one around the same time each year to see how our life changes.  I know it's dramatically different from our life 5 years ago.  I can't wait to see how our life changes in another 5 years!


  1. I love random posts like this, I was wondering how house decorating was going for you. I have been stuck on ours right now so I decorated for fall and decided to call it good for a few months until I feel some motivation. You SHOULD do a Day In The Life, I did one for our newlywed stage just because I know I won't ever remeber 5 years from now how we used to live. =)

  2. do the post on your life in a day. I have been debating about doing it to. Would be fun to document each year and see how different life looks. Glad you are adjusting to KC life and so wish we were closer so we could run together and get in shape! You can do it dear!

  3. You have the coolest cat! Glad you are feeling refreshed. Some seasons seem like they are just preparing us for what's ahead. Sounds like you have a lot of fun ahead!

    P.S. LOVE the "day in the life of" post and revisiting it every year. That would be so interesting. I may just have to copy that idea. :)

  4. Cut out ALL sweets???? Ahhhhhh! What about 2 Dr. Peppers a week or something??? That might be more doable. I love the random. I've sorta stopped talking about anything other than our life on the ol' blog.


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