Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Boulevard

This past Saturday some of our friends had organized a tour of our local home grown brewery.  They actually had to schedule our group months in advance to even get a spot!  I guess they are so popular because the tours are free, and Ryan & I like free!

I guess I wasn't really sure what to expect but it was actually really neat and very informative.  Our local brewery, the Boulevard Brewing Co., has grown to be the largest speciality brewer in the Midwest.  It was fun to learn a little piece of Kansas City's history and how this once little brewery effected the development of our fine city.  :)
The new addition.

Before we headed inside for the tour.

They had rooms full of barrels with different speciality brews.

I only snapped a few pictures of some of the rooms were were in.

This picture cracks me up of Gregs expression, Brit's sweaty back and John's stare.

I found out on this little tour that they have a sweet event space that over looks the city.  Any local friends getting married in the future should really check it out for your reception.  I'm just saying!


  1. I'll second that on the sweet event space. I love it! I really want to do the tour - I did it in the old space. Maybe after football season...

  2. I have always wanted to go on a tour there. my brother did recently and said it was really cool.


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