Thursday, September 29, 2011

Before & In Progress :: Half Bathroom

I know it's been awhile since I've last updated on our house.  So it's high time I post about our half bathroom on our main level.  Here is the before picture in all it's glory!
Gold everything, mini blinds, outdated window treatments, wooden toilet seat and mirrorless.
 (the last owners took the mirror!)

Got to love the scalloped sink with the crystal acorn handles.  My sis-in-law, Emily, actually had a dream about them they were so bad!

And now here's what it looks like now after we got a hold of it.

We painted everything including spray painting the current hardware & light fixtures.
And my oh-so-talented MIL & SIL, Susan & Sally, helped by screen printing directing on our walls to spice it up.  I absolutely love it!!

I love that it has a little sparkle to it.

We ripped down the old window treatment and again my in-laws came to the rescue by making our very own custom roman shade.  I love that it repeats the screen pattern so that it carries it to that wall.
The new mirror and freshly spray painted light fixtures.

Whenever I'm near a faucet KC comes running because his favorite thing is to drink out of them.  In the picture above he's yelling at me to turn on the water for him.  Ha!

Funny story about the above sink.  Ryan & I purchased an updated pedestal sink for the spot.  We brought it home & Ryan got right to installing it.  Sally & I were somewhat supervising the progress.  When Ryan was putting the final touches on it (after a couple of hours) I started to really take notice of it.  Something just didn't look right.  I went to shut the bathroom door and I couldn't!  The sink stuck out too far and wouldn't allow you to shut the door!  We all about died right there but especially poor Ryan.  So we had to rip everything out again and take it back to Lowes to exchange it.  We can laugh about it now....

I actually think it worked out for the better.  We decided against the pedestals sinks and went with what's pictured above.  I like that we have a little bit of storage now.

One of my favorite features about this bathroom is the door knob.  It was gold before we spray painted it and I still LOVE it.  I'm a dork like that.

We still would like to hang things on the wall and possibly a shelf above the toilet.  I'm just not sure what to put yet.  But we are almost there!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day in the life...

This post took me a little longer to write but it's done!  I'm excited to start doing these every year and see how life changes.  Life is going full force and feels like it's flying by faster each year.  It's all about capturing the memories on here.  :)

Ok, here it goes!
~My day starts off with the alarm going off at 5:45am on my husband's phone.  He most graciously snoozes it until 6:00am at my grumbled request.  (Am I a lucky girl or what?!)  I begrudgingly climb out of bed and into the shower.  I am so not a morning person.  I rush to get ready and try to make a lunch with no food in the pantry, and I try to be out of the house by 6:40am.

~I got to work at bright and early time of 7:00am.  Since it is the Tuesday after a three day weekend (Labor day) I am greeted with 4 days of closeouts on my desk.  (Can you even see my desk?)

 ~After paperwork, reports, phones calls and answering emails I took a short break to snap a pic of my new shoes I scored at Macy's for $17!  Oh ya, I get to wear jeans to work everyday if I want.  Woohoo! Definitely a change from the Houston office.

 ~This particular day I got a fun surprise.  Ryan was out visiting a customer and stopped by my office to take me out to lunch.  I was so glad since I didn't really bring any food with me.  (My boss went with us as well for a little goodbye lunch since it was his last week before he moved on to another position.)  This rarely happens anymore.  We used to have lunch together everyday when we worked in Houston.  It's been a tough transition driving to work by myself and leaving Ryan at home to work.

~I've finally caught up on most of the paperwork and emails.  I know when I can see my desk again it's been a successful day.

~Another perk to having my husband work for the same company as me is our IM system.  I get to check in on him from time to time through the day.  I always send him a quick IM to let him know I'm leaving for the day usually around 3:30pm.

~Locking up shop and calling it a day before 5pm is definitely one of the things I love about my job.

I just wanted to record what the temperature was like on the day after Labor Day.  (Ignore the dusty dash.)

~I get home around 3:50pm and run upstairs to greet my hard at work husband in his office.  I am so jealous that he gets to work in mesh shorts and a t-shirt!

 ~After a short run down of each other's day I head downstairs for a quick bite to eat and crash on the couch to catch up on a DVRed show.  I'm always STARVING after work for whatever reason.

~Since today is Tuesday it means I have my golf league tonight.  So I have to hurry and get ready to play golf with my cousin (who is my partner).  I decide that I'm not feeling like dressing up much and put on some comfy clothes.  I can get a little cool in the evenings now so I threw on some sweats.  I love that our golf course is so laxed on clothing attire.  :)

~I leave the house a little early around 4:45pm so that I can stop off and get gas on the Missouri side since it's so much cheaper then Kansas gas.  I just wanted to document the price of gas now so I can look back on how it changes through the years.

~Kathy & I tee off at 5:30pm and hit 9 holes of golf.  I'm so bad it's laughable.  This is my first year to really play golf so we can definitely say it's a learning year.

~This night was particularly fun because it was game night in the league.  We played golf bingo.  As you can see, Kathy & I had all the bad golf moves covered.  Ha!  In fact we won!

~I got home around 8:30pm and jumped straight into the shower.  Afterwards, I climbed into bed to try and catch up on some reading and had myself a little snack.  I was trying to finish that book before the movie came out but that didn't happen.  And Caramel Corns are the best snack!

~And finally, I check in on the ol' blog and catch up on reading everyone's posts.  I decide I'm too tired that night to attempt a post of my own.  I snuggle up to the hubs and call it a night sometime after 10:00pm.  I drift off the sleep to the faint sound of the TV Ryan is watching before he turns in for the night.

There we go!  I'm first official day in the life post!  That was way fun.  Have you guys done one?  If so link it the comments to I can read it too.  It's so interesting to see what other people's days look like.  Mine can look different every night depending on the day but it usually involves me running around somewhere.  I love those nights when I can just cuddle with the hubs and the kitties on the couch watching our favorite shows.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Best Concert Ever!

Um, so I've totally been slacking lately on this here ol' blog.  There has been so much going on that it's left little time to sit down and write about it.  I really want to get back into it, and I am making it a priority! :)  I'm actually traveling Monday & Tuesday for work so I will have some good quality time in a hotel to get caught up.

I haven't even posted about Labor Day weekend yet!  I can't even remember what all we did now other then the sweet concert my husband & I got to attend.  Back on my birthday, one of Ryan's gifts to me were concert tickets to see Train & Maroon 5.  I love music and they are definitely some of my favs.  Concerts are one of the many fun past times Ryan & I loved to do together.  It had been awhile since our last one.  I can still remember my first concert as a kid was Amy Grant.  I LOVE her and I really like all her new stuff she's come out with recently.  I've been to quite a few since then but I really think Train & Maroon 5 rank right at the top for me.  It was a great concert!  It was held at Starlight Theater which made for a really fun atmosphere.

Sorry for the really grainy pictures but I forgot my camera so I just used my camera phone.

And I got a few short videos of the fun!

I just thought this pic had a cool lighting effect on the old camera phone.

Do you guys go to concerts?  Which ones have been your favorite?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

35 Years!

Happy 35th wedding anniversary to Harlan & Susan!

We love you both! 
your son & daughter-in-law

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beat the Heat

This is a picture of the George Bush Park fire in Houston, Texas.  The far right building is where I used to work!

I cannot believe all the fires going on in Texas!  It's so crazy to me to hear all the reports on it everyday.  We have some friends that just went back to visit and told us they've never seen anything like it.  It is so dry that complete yards are lost and foundations are moving!  I remember last year when I thought that it was dry and we were on water reserve by the city... It doesn't even compare to this year.  I feel so bad for all the homes and farm land lost.  They've definitely been weighing very heavy on my heart.

Monday, September 12, 2011

How many Alpaca can you fit in one sassy chicken footstool?

To figure out what the title of this post means watch the video below.

Yes, that is my sister-in-law, Sally, on a news station in St. Louis, MO talking about her chickens!!  I am so blown away by her. 

This past Saturday Susan & Sally brought their chickens to an annual art fair in St. Louis.  Ryan & I made a day trip there to help them out on Saturday with the crowds.  They were by far the most popular booth there!

It may of had something to do with this...

How cool is that??

And just in case you were wondering what an Alpaca looked like Ryan provided this gem for you.  :)

The art fair was Friday through Sunday but Ryan & I were only able to make it for one day due to what I talked about here.
Our day started out bright and early at 5:00 in the morning.  It was a long drive from KC to St. Louis so we made a pit stop at Burger King for breakfast.  I had to show this picture of Ryan & I's drinks because Ryan's tiny little straw had me in stitches.  What is that tiny little straw for anyway??

We arrived just after the fair started at 10:00 am.  And this is what we all looked like for the entire event!  We never stopped talking.  I think we all had scratchy throats and almost lost our voices by the end of it.

I LOVED their booth setup.  They had chicken wire hung up in wood frames for effect, and the large blue wooden board was for people to sign up their email address for more info.  Too cute!

By the time we got there, 7 of the 8 chickens they brought with them were already sold and they were taking orders!  They even sold their big purple chicken in Cardinal's country.  Ha!  The only one not sold in the above picture is the little white one on the left.
So Ryan put Sally to work making another one so it didn't seem so empty right there in front of everybody.  I think people enjoyed seeing the artist at work.

These are just a few shots of the constant crowd of people at the entrance of the booth.  We only took short breaks to rest our voices.  My cheeks hurt so bad by the end of the day from smiling so much!

View of the booths lining the street.

This was definitely the largest art fair I've ever been too.  There was even a place for people to draw their own art in chalk!

The chickens were by far the biggest hit with the kids.  They loved to pet and talk to them.
What a cutie!!  I loved that he was riding the chicken.  Ha!


I can hardly stand it!

I died laughing after I saw this picture later on my computer.  That little girl was tearing off like that chicken had pecked her. Hahaha!

We finally took off around 7:30ish and made it home about 11:30pm.  We were exhausted so I can't imagine how Susan & Sally felt!  All that work and it definitely paid off.  They really got a lot of exposure and sold a bunch of these sassy chickens.  :)