Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This is the only picture I took all weekend even though we had some great friends visiting us!  I'm so bummed.  I think I was just anti camera for some reason and needed a break from it.

Our good friends, Mark & Brittney, flew in from Houston to visit us for a fun weekend.  Mark had never been to Kansas City before so we had to show him the ropes.  The very first thing we did was introduce them to KC BBQ at Oklahoma Joe's. Mmmmm...  Then we made our way to a Royal's baseball game that was actually pretty fun and had the best fireworks show I've ever seen there!
(I swiped this picture from Brittney's fb page since I didn't take a single picture of them!)

Saturday we slept in and then had brunch at one of our favorite places, First Watch.  Then we drove them around for a little bit to show them the area, and I may or may not have forced them to try my favorite cookie place, Blue Chip Cookies.  :)  Afterwards, we stopped by my mom's since they had never met before for a short visit.  Then we headed down to the plaza area to Papa's condo to swim at his pool.  It is just so stinking hot these days it's hard not to make a pit stop at a pool.  Once we got good and pruney we decided to go back to the house to shower and get ready for dinner.  At first we were going to take them down to the Power & Light distract but at the last second just decided to go back to the Plaza and have dinner at Cafe Trio.  We were all pretty worn out after dinner so we just came home and played Mario Kart for the rest of the evening.  I know we are such nerds.  Oh well!

Sunday we had to take Mark & Brittney back to the airport after our very short but fun filled weekend together.  It was so good seeing them since it had been forever since the last time was saw them.  I guess it's Ryan & I's turn to come visit you guys next!  And I will make sure to take way more pictures this time.


  1. I love weekends filled with friends coming to visit! And I know what you mean about taking pictures, it's been kind of annoying me lately too so I've just been leaving the camera at home. =)

  2. I've never heard of Blue Chip Cookies...hmm, I'm thinking a trip in the not so distant future is in store. :) Glad you had a great weekend with good friends!

  3. Fun times! I've never been to Kansas but everybody from Kansas LOVES it!

  4. Oklahoma joes! my mouth is watering. mmmmmmmmmmmm


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