Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So Blessed

So my birthday was yesterday and I am now another year closer to 30.  I seriously can not believe that.  I still feel like I just graduated from high school!!  I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that I am no spring chicken anymore.  Oh well,  being 28 can't be all that bad when you have such a wonderful husband to share life with.  He seriously out did himself this past week trying to make me feel special and honored on my birthday.  I love that man!

Ryan believes in "birthday months".  So we both get special treatment the month of our birthdays.  Who am I to argue with that??  So if I can't decide what to do about dinner and I want him to make the decision, he has to because it's my birthday month.  Ha!

Ryan started a little early with my birthday month this past Friday.  He surprised me by taking me to the mall to buy some fun clothes and then taking me out to have dinner at Maker's Mark down in the Power & Light District.  Lindsey & Brad were able to join us for the delicious food!
(All of these photo's were taken from my camera phone).
I know this looks gross but it's fried chicken on top of mash potatoes on top of waffles with syrup!!  It was freaking amazing.  I am craving it right now.  Don't judge until you try it.

After dinner, Ryan had planned for us to enjoy a free concert that was going on right outside the restaurant.  We had a blast that night.

On Saturday & Sunday, he took me shopping for things for the house and did whatever our hearts desired.  That's always fun.  Saturday night Ryan took me to see the last Harry Potter movie and we both enjoyed it.
Monday night my mom had us over for a steak dinners to celebrate.  It was mouth watering good.  She gave me these gorgeous flowers and a gift card to get a massage!

My mom even made me this delicious homemade chocolate chocolate chip cake.


And then on my actual birthday Ryan ordered in pizza and had a few friends over to the house.  He bought me this amazing red velvet, "birthday cake" ice cream cake from Cold Stone.
to die for

Ryan showered me with so much love, creativity, gifts and fun over these past few days it's been hard to recap!  I am definitely a lucky girl.  It's helped me forget the fact that I am now 28...


  1. 28 WILL be a good year for us. I know it! And stop talking about being closer to 30. So far!

  2. Happy Birthday! Mine is on Saturday and I hope I get a cake as yummy as yours look!

  3. You sure are a lucky girl! Sounds like you've had a great few days. And I'm not so sure about that chicken dinner...even pregnant that doesn't look too appetizing. Ha, I'll have to try it if/when we go to that restaurant. Happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday!! That red velvet ice cream cake looks Ah-mazing!

  5. Husbands that spoil their wives on their bdays are the best. Way to go, Ryan! Happy happy 28th to you, Lindsey!!! I hope God blesses you abundantly in the year ahead!

  6. what a great birthday celebration month! that waffle and chicken look sooo good! maybe next time we are in town we will have to go to dinner there with you all.

  7. Happy Birthday! That cake looks delightful!!! And 28 is GREAT! I turn 29 this month.... WHAT? The last year of my 20's? How did this happen? Can I stop time? I guess not.

  8. What a wonderful birthday celebration and what a wonderful hubby!! That cake looks delicious. So glad you were treated wonderfully on your big day. :)


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