Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Golf Tourney '11

I've been in such a blogging funk lately.  Really, I've just been in a funk period.  Whenever I get that way the thing I always do to help me get motivated again is writing out lists.  It helps me visualize things I need to do and it feels so good to check them off the list.  It works every time. :)

So, at the top of my list tonight was blogging about last weekend's annual family golf tournament.  Go here to read about last year.  It's become such a fun tradition to get my dad's side of the family together (and friends) to play golf.  The actual name of the tourney is "You Don't Have to Know How to Play Golf, Golf Tournament".  Love it.

This year our team of four included Harlan, Ryan, my friend Kara & I.  We did pretty well since it was a scramble.
Harlan & Ryan

Kara & I

We met a friend along the way that followed us to a couple of holes.

I don't think you want to know what they were looking at...

Ok, you asked for it!  So Harlan.  Ha!

Like Father

Like Son

Can I just tell you think was the longest day of golf ever!  Like, going down in the history book.  7 hours!!  A team a couple of holes in front of us had flat tires on both of their golf carts, then the team in front of us was extremely slow and then it rained on us!!  Got to love it.

The fantastic four.

I would play another 7 hours of golf if I could play it with you guys!


  1. So fun.... and I'm so impressed! My hubby loves to play golf but I've yet to play with him. I need to, I'm just scared of making a complete fool out of myself :)

  2. That is a LONG game!! Way to hang in there though. Is that a snake in his hand?

  3. Looks like so much fun! I haven't been golfing in years...which is probably a good thing. ;-)

  4. I love this! What a great (and fun) idea. I might need to steal this. :) If my husband, who is very serious about golf, would include those of us who can't. Ha!


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