Friday, August 12, 2011

Entertaining Family

It has been so ridiculously hot this summer I thought Ryan & I had brought the Houston heat with us to KC!  I just don't remember the summers being this hot as a kid.  We've finally been getting some relief from the heat the past few days but it's still been pretty humid.  I can't ever remember a time where I have wished away a summer before but I am REALLY looking forward to fall this year.  ;)

Considering all that, we really haven't sent that much time in our backyard this summer.  We have a great space for entertaining but it just hasn't been possible.  However, there was one night where we decided to brave the heat and invite my family over for a cookout.  It at least wasn't deathly hot that night and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.
That gang on our lower brick patio.
(You can see can Ryan in this picture wiping away his sweat standing over that hot grill.)

Cousin Chelsea, Aunt Cindy, Marty & Gene

Uncle John, Aunt Darla holding little Wyatt, Cousin Josh & Brad

Ryan, Cousin Shyla, Grandma and Cousin Jace.  You can see part of our upper deck in this picture.
(My mom is missing from all these pictures because she was busy being the hostess with the mostest inside. Ha!)

It was so great to be able to have some of the family over to see our house and just spend some good quality time together.  I feel very fortunate to have a family that all likes to hangout with each other.  I swear they have something going on every week!  Next weekend we are having our annual family golf tournament and I can't wait!


  1. love your entertaining space! and cute table :)

  2. Yes the heat has been ridiculous but hopefully the extreme heat is finally behind us. Great looking family!

  3. Looks like SO much fun!! Your backyard is gorgeous! I love any excuse to sit outside, but I'm with has been outrageously hot here so we've kind of gravitated to the AC. :)

  4. My comment was deleted so I'm bitter. But I DO think you have an amazing outdoor space!


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