Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second 4th of July Recap

This year we had quite a group of people to enjoy the holiday with.  Some of them had never even been to the farm for the 4th.  So it was neat to experience it with them, but we definitely missed Ali, Sarah & Emily!!  I tried to capture sporadic pictures of everyone but I know I missed a few.
Meda & Ryan

Sally & Linda

Susan & Galen

Little Quinn & her grandpa, Joe

Brother & Sister (so cute!)

Harlan taking Noah for a ride on the tractor.

Susan, Linda, Evelyn, Meda & Joe

Matt & Ryan couldn't wait until dark to start shooting off the fireworks.  Really, we had so many that if we didn't start shooting them off then it would have been 3 in the morning before they were all shot off!

The gang trying to help Noah catch the parachute that was just shot off.

Lindsey & Noah dancing in the smoke bombs while dad watched from a safe distance. :)

Ryan took a short break to take a pic with me.

I love the colors in this photo.

Gorgeous sky and setting

Finally starting to get dark enough for some real fireworks.

Favorite pic of the night!

One more short post to come and I'll be done recapping the fourth.


  1. I love that last pic! Beautiful shot!

  2. It looks like a fun time! I haven't even posted our 4th yet! eeeeeeep!

  3. You and Ryan are such a cute couple :) Your pics turned out so good!


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