Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet Brighton & Violet

Melissa's baby girls were born July 19th, Brighton Eloe at 6:28pm weighing 4lbs 12ozs and Violet Brucks at 6:29pm weight 3lbs 3ozs.  Mom and the baby girls are doing great.  The little ones will be in the NICU for a little bit until they can feed on their own and regulate their own body temperature.  Other then that they did not have any other complications for being just a tad premature.  Just some healthy twin baby girls.

My friend Kara & I went to visit Jeremy & Melissa in the hospital last night.  We got to meet their daughters and even watch Melissa feed Brighton!  This tiny one below is Violet.  She has on the striped hat.

Violet hanging out in her incubator.

This is Brighton in the adorable ducky hat.  Since she's a little bigger she doesn't have to be in an incubator.  Mom is getting ready to try and see if she will take a bottle.

Melissa is such a natural!

They both have feeding tubes until they can eat from a bottle better.

Brighton is waking up a little!

Time to get burped!  I tried to upload a video of this and it didn't work.  I'll try and post that over the weekend.

Melissa taking Violet's temp and changing her diaper in preparation for her feeding.

Kara & I didn't stay to watch Violet's feeding since you can only have 4 people at a time back in the NICU.  We wanted to let Jeremy's parents come back too.

They were so tiny and just absolutely precious.  They are two lucky girls to have Jeremy & Melissa as their parents.  Can't wait until they get to go home with them!


  1. So stinkin precious! they looks so cute and cuddly! :)

  2. How adorable! And what a great day to be born (it's my birthday too, ha!) What hospital did she deliver at?

  3. Oh my goodness they are sooooo little and sweet!!!

  4. My birthday too! So special and sweet!

  5. What sweet girls. Melissa does look like a natural from the photos. Adorable little blessings!


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