Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jazz in the Woods

Over the past several weeks Ryan & I have started to get back into running again.  I took a long break to get my shin splints under control.  We are still using the Walk/Run plan but just not on a treadmill this time.  Besides, the weather is way too nice to not be outside!  As with anything I decide to do, I jump in with both feet.  So just after running again for about two weeks I signed us up for a 5k.  I actually wasn't even thinking about signing up for any races for awhile but a great one popped up on my radar.

Since moving back to Kansas City I've heard about a lot of fun runs that go on throughout the year, and I definitely wanted to sign up for them but it just wasn't the right timing.  Recently, I kept hearing about something called Jazz in the Woods.  It's an event that brings in local jazz artists to perform a couple of nights and a fun thing to bring the whole family to.  They also have a run to raise money for local charities.  I was interested since it was so close to my house but still debating, until our good friend Graham came into the picture.
Ryan & I on race day.

About a year or so ago our friend, Graham, started up his own company with a few of his friends call Life =.  They currently sell an energy pill but they will quickly be expanding to multivitamins and fish oil.  It's a great company that gives back by donating an equal amount of children’s multivitamins to an undernourished child through a partnership with Vietnam Angels.  Continue reading about their company here.  And check out their awesome website


It just so happened that Life = was a sponser of this race and if Ryan & I signed up to be a part of their team we would get a free shirt.  Score!!  And of course we wanted to support our friend as well. :) 
Our race team.  Unfortunately, the event got rained out.  Such a bummer, but we still had fun taking pictures in their sweet photo both.  Check out more photo's here.

I was by no means asked to promote their company but just wanted to spread the word about the amazing things they are doing.



  1. That picture of you and Ryan is so cute!! Good for you guys for staying so active together :)

  2. this sounds like an amazing project...and i love how you and hubby are doing something active together...that's awesome!


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