Friday, July 1, 2011

Expedition Impossible

You all are probably getting sick of me talking about this!  I promise to cool it down at some point. :)
Last night was the second episode of Expedition Impossible and my girls were featured more!  Were those horses crazy of what?!  And how did the blind guy do all of that??

I'm so proud of them for still being the first all girl team to finish. 
Here are the back of the shirts my sis-in-law made that I talked about here.  I love Lindsey's shirt that a family friend made for her.  I think her infamous camel incident will be airing next week.

There was a much smaller group this week that met at Coach's to watch.  Lindsey won't be in town next week to watch it with but I'm going to call her at every commercial break to get the low down.

This week the producers still cut out so much stuff!  The scene where Mackenzie was crying because of the horses was cut short too.  Kelsey ended up trading horses with Mackenzie because Kelsey's horse was tamer.  Well, pretty soon after Kelsey got on Mackenzie's old horse it took off at full speed passing every single team.  It was acting up just because it wanted to be in front leaving Lindsey & Mackenzie miles behind.  When Linds & Mack finally caught up Kelsey was off her horse crying because it scared her so much.  Those horses were crazy!!  Lindsey said she has never feared for her life more then when they were on those horses.

They also cut out a scene where they had to pack mules with all their stuff including the rafts they used to go down the river.  The packs kept falling off and Lindsey's mule got spooked and took off running with all her stuff!  So she lost her mule but at least her stuff fell off, and she was able to just drag it to the next location.  Unfortunately, when the pack fell it also broke the air pump to blow up her raft.  She improvised by borrowing another teams pump but only after they finished with theirs.  Also, Mackenzie's raft didn't have a seat in it! 

There is honestly so much stuff that goes on that it's hard to jam pack it into one episode.  Every episode is two days of adventures for them and they don't show that.

Looking forward to next week!  What did you guys think of this week?


  1. oh great- my tank top under my shirt looks like my bra showing through! uck!

  2. because it is a bra--- clearly ;)

  3. and when "Mackenzie" was crying about her foot hurting, the girl that offered to "carry" her, did you hear her make the reference about it being "just like we are 5 again" ?? Is there any kind of training required for these things? Or do kids just sign up, and give it a whirl?

  4. Sorry Anonymous, I didn't see an email to contact you directly so hopefully you will check the comment section again.

    Team Kansas (Lindsey, Kelsey & Mackenzie) are all sisters. They are all really athletic girls but this show doesn't really do a good job of showing that. They did have to train and get certified to ride horses, repel and something else (I can't remember). The producers also told them to train for a couple hours a day to get ready for what was ahead. I think they are doing pretty well so far.

    Hope that helps answer your questions! Thanks for stopping by.


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