Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Small Group Goodbye

A few weeks ago our small group said goodbye to our friends Jeff & Carrie.  I'm really going to miss their presence in our group.  They added so much!  It's hard to see good people leave but we all know they are going to love their new adventure.  Jeff will be in residency and Carrie took a new job in health management in Indiana.  We are crossing our fingers they will move back to KC once Jeff is done with residency!
(snagged this picture from their facebook page)

Our pod group threw them a little going away chin dig but unfortunately they couldn't make it. Ha!  Oh well, more cake for us. ;)

Kara brought root beer floats.  They are a summer time must!
Kara was a little excited for her first float of the season.

We are missing a lot of our small group in this picture.  It's so hard to get everyone together at once!
Rob, Jessica, Kara, Wendy, Jack, Greg, Jeremy, Melissa, Matt & Amanda (up front)

Don't worry.  I still was able to drop off the cake left overs to Jeff & Carrie so they were able to enjoy it too.  We will miss those guys!


  1. It's so sad when people move... always hard to say goodbye, especially when they were part of your small group!

    I came over from Famille d'Arsenal. :)

  2. Oh dear...every body moves away. BUT, I think you have the amazing gift of making friends!


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