Friday, June 24, 2011

The Premiere

Did you guys all watch Expedition Impossible last night??  What did you think??
The girls had a great turn out last night at their premiere party held in their mom's reality office.  There were so many people that most people had to stand!  This is a terrible picture and doesn't show most of the group, but you get the idea.

We were able to watch the show blown up on that big white screen.  This picture of Lindsey cracks me up!  Lindsey, Kelsey & Mackenzie all gave a short speech about the show before it started.  Linds talked about how she was randomly on ABC's website and saw a link for casting.  She was curious so she clicked on it to see what they were casting for.  All she did was submit a little email and a picture of the three of them and they called her that week!  Then they asked for a short video of the three of them and then flew them out to LA for the final casting!!  It all happened so fast!

During commercial breaks the girls stood up to tell us what really happened that the producers cut out.  It's so interesting to hear about all the behind the scenes.  They cut out so much stuff!!  Apparently, that sand dune at the beginning of the episode took everyone about 4 hours to climb but they showed it in like 12 minutes. Ha!  Also, what they showed as "one day" of racing was actually two separate days.

I am so proud of these girls.  They came in fourth place that day!! Right behind the gypsies, the fab three and the foot ball players.  They were the first all girl team to finish too!  I can't wait for the rest of the shows to air now!

Me, Lindsey & Ryan

We wore our Team Kansas shirts to represent.  They are actually a little different from the design I posted yesterday, and they turned out even cuter!  I will have to get a pic of the back of the shirt too hopefully next week. 
Linds, I'm so happy you were able to come into town for the premiere!  You would have been sorely missed.  Love you!!


  1. What a cool experience! And you are so lucky that you get to see all the behind the scenes stuff!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so cool! Good for them!

  3. Now THAT looks like fun! Except that is a LOT of people!!!! It would be fab to get the behind the scenes though! Did they sign a contract, like they can't tell you if they won or not???


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