Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best Summer Ever!

This has been our first official summer back home in Kansas and it's turning out to be the best summer!  It's been chalk full of family, friends and fun times.  But what really makes it the best summer is... friends moving back to Kansas too!!!  How sweet is it that we move back last August and now we have five friends that are now moving home.  God is so good!

This here beautiful lady is Victoria.  Ryan & I meet her in college.  Ryan met her through Mortar Board, and I meet her through a campus ministry.  This girl is so ridiculously talented at everything she does and after college moved to Virgina for an awesome teaching opportunity.  Now she is coming home and we couldn't be more excited to be around her energetic personality just in time for K-State football season!
(Can't wait for you to whip out the purple shoes Victoria!)

Our good friends Kenneth & Melinda are moving home this summer from Los Angeles now that Ken graduated with his MBA.  Ken was one of Ryan's fraternity brothers back in college and have been in each other's weddings.  They are already under contract on a house pretty close to us and we can't wait to hangout all the time. :)
(Great ready for a lot of Ryan & Lindsey time Ken & Melinda!)

We are ecstatic to announce that our besties Brad & Lindsey are also moving home from Houston!!!  We can't believe our good fortune.  Kansas City has definitely been lacking without these two and we can't wait until they are here.  In fact, they will most likely be living with us for awhile until they find a house.  It will be a party 24/7. :)
(Can't wait to start our Canasta marathon with you guys!)

I am seriously just over the moon with excitement with all our friends moving back.  Life is good.


  1. So fun! Now if only W and I could get back! Makes me a little jealous that you all get to do life with so many fun people in KC. I guess you and Ryan just need to plan your trip to visit us before the flooding causes us to be in exile forever;)

  2. You are too sweet!!! Cannot wait! This post brightened my day and reminded how good it will be to come HOME.

  3. That's awesome that so many of your friends are moving home! I think it's funny how you guys and Lindsey and Brad seem to end up in the same city - it's great to have good friends around you.

  4. I agree with Kelley, if they moved back you would all have like a daily party!!! I'm glad that you guys have a great friend network!


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